Sunday, February 05, 2006

Islam does not deserve respect. Death to Islam.

We know where the enemies of Western society reside. They are the madmen protesting in the streets throughout the world demanding the supremacy of Islam. These people are dangerous. If these host governments (such as Denmark) do not stop these individuals, then it is the responsibility of the United States to target and kill these vicious Islamicfascists--wherever they reside. Everytime I see pictures of these Muslims on the street, demanding that our governments begin censoring our newspapers, the only reaction I have is, this is not a debatable point, and "it is quite clear that Islam and the West cannot co-exist, so Islam itself must be destroyed." So let's begin the Crusades. Israel should expel the Palestinians by force or round them up and destroy them. Any group of people that elect a terrorist government has declared war, and it would be reasonable for Israel to target the Palestinians, drawing their guns at them, and killing them if the Arabic countries of Jordan and Saudi Arabia refuse to accept these so-called "refugees."

Yes, I believe that we are in the midst of World War III. It started with the publication of a cartoon making fun of the child molester/child rapist Muhammad (who has a hobby of enganging in terrorism), but it must end with the bombing and complete destruction of the Islamic people, their backward culture, cultish religion, and the barbaric men. Islam must die. Islam is evil. It is wicked. There are no good secondary effects from Islam. Many good natured individuals in the West would like people like me to show restraint and show caution, and not say bad words about a "great religion" (although what created this greatness either never existed or is long gone). No, quite the contrary, this is a time period where we have to be honest and say that there are things that cause disorder and chaos. Islam, and its terrorist founder Muhammad, are responsible for creating almost as much chaos and human strife as Karl Marx when he wrote "The Communist Manifesto." Just as we now know that Marx was quite wrong, we will one day say, "whatever happened to that terrorist religion, Islam"? Just because Islam is a proported "religion" does not mean that it earns any more respect than atheists who support The Communist Manifesto. Both the Korean and the Communist Manifesto are responsible for the deaths and misery of millions. And just as communism was stopped, so will Islam.