Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Starbucks baristas to talk about...race!? What about talking about coffee!?

According to Breitbart, Starbucks baristas will be encouraged to talk about race-relations in America with customers.  This is a terrible idea! Why would anyone want to talk about race-relations with their barista?  When we want to get coffee, we just want our damn coffee.  We did not come to Starbucks to talk about race, nor do we care what race the baristas are.  We just want the damn coffee!

Azealia Banks hates America

Azealia Banks apparently hates America.  In a Playboy interview, she said, "“Yes! I hate everything about this country,” Banks replied when Playboy asked if she wanted to leave the United States. “Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms.”  Well, why not leave this country, you moron?  You aren't forced to live in this country.  All of the malcontents like you should leave if you hate it so much.  

Monday, March 09, 2015

With some reservations, Apple Watch likely to be a success.

What can we make of the new Apple Watch?  Many investment analysts have no clue whether people will want the Apple watch.  And in truth, neither does Apple.  The truth is that Apple is trying to diversify their business operations because almost all of their revenue comes from sales of the iPhone.  And while the iPhone has done spectacularly well, it is risky for a business operations to be so dependent upon one source of income (just as it is perhaps dangerous to be dependent upon only one source of income for an individual).  For that reason, I think that there are quite a number of reasons why the Apple Watch will be successful.

  • Apple Watch is likely to be successful due to the inherent vision of industrial designer, Johnny Ives.   Ives knows that Apple consumers like products that are eloquent, simple, and beautiful.
  • People mocked the iPhone when it was first announced, but guess what?  It was super successful. People are similarly mocking the Apple Watch.
  • People like to tear down Apple precisely because they have been enormously successful and have been able to connect very well with their audience.  They should be revered, not reviled.  After all, unlike Tesla, Apple is not demanding subsidies for their Apple Watch business!
  • The watch market has been getting a bit boring lately.  Why not add a little competition by adding a remarkably eloquent and beautiful product to the mix?  Makes sense to us.
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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Has World War III Begun?

Mark Levin famously asserted that World War III has begun.  We happen to agree with this view.  Of course, fighting the Islamofascist enemy, which is an ideology, will be different from the way wars have been fought against the axis powers.  However, we have to admit that militant, theocratic-Islam is a worldwide movement, is very ideological, and appears to be a war that is infecting every part of the planet.  Most of the leaders in the West do not seem able to handle this war very well.  A lot of leaders, including President Obama, do not even wish to identify the enemy.  (How can you win a war when you refuse to name your enemy?  Answer: you can't).  This war is likely to last a long time.  Most citizens in Western nations don't even realize what is going on because most leaders refuse to identify the enemy (Islamofascism).   Well, I believe that over the long-run, eventually a leader steps up and addresses a problem.  The right person will indeed show up.