Friday, October 26, 2007

Democrats Propose Tax Hike to Mug Americans

Once again the Democrats have shown that they hate middle-Americans. Socialist Democrat Charlie Rangel wants to impose super-sized taxes on the American people, with the intention of causing a recession. Why do Democrats want a recession? Mainly because many of them have the mistaken view that the American people would then be dependent upon government for all of their needs.

There are many ways in which Democrats are proposing to re-create the Great Depression. For one thing, Charlie Rangel's tax increase plan will certainly cause a recession. However, to ensure that there really is a Great Depression, the Democrats are trying to attach legislation to make energy cost vastly higher sums of money in the name of fighting the non-existent threat of man-made "global warming."

Whenever a Democrat speaks, it's best to hold onto your wallet, because they are greater thieves than a common mugger.