Thursday, March 12, 2009

Companies head to Switzerland to avoid Obama and the Democrats' disastrous policies.

Obama's policies are not helping US companies. It is obvious that either Obama is not aware of the harm that his policies cause (in which case he is not that bright), or he is aware, and doesn't care about the harm that he is causing. In one case, high corporate income tax rates, cap-and-trade policies, new rules allowing easier unionization, and unfriendly policies towards major corporations, is causing some companies to move to Switzerland.

It's funny how a lot of liberals were threatening to leave the country when Bush was elected and re-elected, but real American companies are actually leaving due to Obama's poor policies.

Democrats attack Elected Sheriff for being Tough on Illegal Alien Criminals.

Liberal Democrats in Congress have shown their contempt for the citizens in Maricopa County, Arizona, who have elected the toughest sheriff in America. These liberal members of Congress, responding to petitions from ACORN and other radical groups, have asked for an investigation into the practice of enforcing our immigration laws at the state level.

This shows contempt for American citizens who are very concerned about illegal aliens, especially those who commit criminal acts. Showing leniency to criminal aliens will only serve to create more crime. Lower the cost of something and you will only get more of it. This applies to crime just as it does for products and services. In Maricopa County's jail system, 20 percent of the inmates are illegal aliens, and 70% of those illegal alien criminals were arrested for felony crimes. These crimes included:

Those felony crimes committed included the following: forgery, 12 percent; kidnapping, 10 percent; aggravated assault, 7 percent; driving under the influence, 7 percent; drug charges, 27 percent; robbery, 3 percent; murder, 3 percent; and theft, 4 percent.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama is intentionally causing this economic crisis.

Imagine that a politician was trying to enact policies that were actually designed to harm our national economy. I ask you, how would such a policy be any different from the policies that are currently being proposed by President Barack Obama? Obama's personal philosophy is one in which the government decides what type of cars one can drive, whether to get health care or not, how much one is permitted to earn, whether one can speak or not, and to substantially punish individuals who are productive and successful in what they do. Oh, and on top of all of that, he wants to substantially raise the cost of electricity through a cap-and-trade scheme, in the name of fighting global warming (which national polls suggest is dead last on the issues that voters care about). These policies have already caused a great deal of harm: the stock market has gone down over 3,000 points since Obama has been elected; millions of people have been thrown out of work; and home prices are heading downward on an even quicker pace. The stock market has been yanked downward because investors fear more taxes on capital gains, on corporations, on energy (the global warming cap-and-trade scheme), more regulations on how businesses operate (which we are already starting to see in the automobile and in the financial sector). Employers are laying off workers in anticipation of higher marginal tax rates and rules that will make it far easier for unions to unionize their workers, which will result in a lot less control over their business.

President Obama's policies are no different than the policies of one who would want to actually harm the economy
. If you wanted to harm the economy, wouldn't you want to attack those who are productive, successful, and are employing individuals? How would the economy improve without successful entrepreneurs? The answer: it can't--that's why a destructive ideologue would want to punish them not for their vices, but for their virtues. If you wanted to harm the economy, wouldn't you want to raise the costs of energy so that it would be very difficult to manufacture, run a business, and maintain a high quality lifestyle? If you wanted to crush the economy, wouldn't you want to make it difficult for people to become wealthy, and thus, job creators, investors, and large businesses? So slap a high income tax rate on them to discourage them from using their talents for productive endeavors. We have enough economic and historical data, as well as from newspapers from other countries that have adopted such policies, that they do not work. It is not possible for Obama or the Democrats to suggest that they are unaware that such policies harm the economy. They do know that these policies are harmful, and they are willing to pursue these policies anyway. Ignorance is not a valid excuse. As a result, the only natural conclusion is to assume that President Obama and his comrades in the Democrat Party are intentionally trying to create another Great Depression through these wreckless and destructive policies.