Thursday, March 12, 2009

Democrats attack Elected Sheriff for being Tough on Illegal Alien Criminals.

Liberal Democrats in Congress have shown their contempt for the citizens in Maricopa County, Arizona, who have elected the toughest sheriff in America. These liberal members of Congress, responding to petitions from ACORN and other radical groups, have asked for an investigation into the practice of enforcing our immigration laws at the state level.

This shows contempt for American citizens who are very concerned about illegal aliens, especially those who commit criminal acts. Showing leniency to criminal aliens will only serve to create more crime. Lower the cost of something and you will only get more of it. This applies to crime just as it does for products and services. In Maricopa County's jail system, 20 percent of the inmates are illegal aliens, and 70% of those illegal alien criminals were arrested for felony crimes. These crimes included:

Those felony crimes committed included the following: forgery, 12 percent; kidnapping, 10 percent; aggravated assault, 7 percent; driving under the influence, 7 percent; drug charges, 27 percent; robbery, 3 percent; murder, 3 percent; and theft, 4 percent.

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