Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Barack Obama’s web site hosts blogger who says United States supported “right-wing” death squads in Latin America

As a general rule, I occasionally read Letters to the Editor as a form of humor.  However, one completely irrational letter to the editor to the LA Times caught my attention.  In the letter, Roger Carasso said that the U.S. has “repeatedly supported right-wing repression and death squads in Latin America,” and that “U.S. had a chance to undo that legacy by recognizing the Cuban government.”  So the United States must recognize Cuba’s right to brutalize its own citizens, abridge their freedom to peacefully assemble, elect their own representatives, and to have economic liberties?  Such a society should not receive any recognition from the civilized world.

I was thinking, who is this nut?  Well, well, you’ll be surprised.  I did a Google search for him and found a “Roger Carasso blog” on the “Organizing for America” site on!  Yes, it’s the president’s web site!