Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Parasitic Personality Disorder

Parasitic personality disorder: although I am not a psychologist, I am creating a new disorder. Parasitic personality disorder refers to individuals employed by the government who depend upon the government for their entire subsistance, would not have the capablility of working for a private employer, who hold an entitlement view of their job ("this is my job for life regardless of how well I do"), and have an unhealthy interest in politics, especially on pushing for tax hikes to steal money from the productive sector of the economy to fund the parasites--the government school teachers, government-run hospital workers, government-run postal workers, governmental bureacrats.

Individuals classified as having parasitic personality disorder are very selfish, but they are quite successful in portraying themselves as being in favor of the public interest, which is quite contrary to fact and wisdom. Governmental-school teachers, for instance, are parasites because their principal reason for being a teacher (in the vast majority of circumstances) is based on a desire of having a fairly easy job for life. Not having to worry about being fired, they do not have to try at all. Some teachers sleep in class. Hey, why wake me up when I can get paid to sleep in class? Yet the class of individuals with parasitic personality disorder only seems to grow.

Parasitic personality disordered individuals have been able to con the vast majority of voters in California into feeling sympathy for them. This is unhealthy. In America, voters should never have any more sympathy toward its "workers"--the looting governmental workers who steal our money--than it should towards its own employees. Suffice it to say, an employer would never bankrupt itself in an effort to "sympathize" with its workers. But this is exactly what is happening here in California: with all of the governors' proposals failing in the polls, the only lessen to learn is that the government has done a masterful job in brainwashing the citizenry into voting against society's best interests. Normal, average workers should say, "I have not been offered a job for life, why the hell should these lazy governmental workers be offered a job for life?" No, instead people weep and feel sorry for the lousy governmental school teachers. Well, I don't. I say it's time to be more aggressive and tell the truth about these lousy workers -- and that we shouldn't only "reform" the system by making it easier to hire good teachers and fire bad ones, but that we ought to privatize in total the entire school system. That is the only cure to parasitic personality disorder.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has not done enough to cure individuals with parasitic personality disorder. He ought to fire all of these governmental workers: this is the only cure. Faced with the realization of how life actually works -- for instance, that one does not usually obtain a job by creating a mob scene in the street while screaming epithets at high-ranking governmental officials, perhaps these parasites may actually learn how to be productive to society. Until that time, parasitic personality disorder will continue to be an expensive deadweight in America.


  1. Interesting, but fundamentally mistaken. Governments, initially symbiotic with the people in their administrative unit, always evolve toward parasitism. There is nothing parasitic about Democrats that is not true of Republicans: both parties seek power and money by feeding economically on the people living in temperate North America. A single-party government evolves very quickly into a necrotic parasite; a two-party system like the USA a little more slowly. Multi-party systems like those of Switzerland and Sweden evolve toward necrotic parasitism most slowly of all. There is very little to applaud about the USA: Among developed countries it has a middling standard of living, the worst health care, the worst record on human rights, a mediocre measure of personal freedom and economic opportunity, and relatively poor freedom of the press. It is militarily strong, and that is the only thing in which the USA excels. The major political parties serve only to concentrate money and power; neither makes the good of the people a real priority.

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