Monday, December 28, 2015

Banning Muslims Means Less Terrorism? Yes.

Can anyone provide a justification for not banning Muslim immigrants?  We're not arguing all Muslims are terrorists.  We're simply saying that among terrorists, almost all of them are Muslims.  Heck, maybe all terrorists are Muslims.  Considering this, doesn't it make logical sense that banning Muslims from immigrating or visiting America means that there will be less terrorists?

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Donald Trump is Right to Ban Muslim Immigrants

Donald Trump recently called for a complete ban on all Muslim immigrants and visitors to the United States.  This would be a wonderful policy that would improve the safety of the American people. 

We are at war with radical Islam, even if the current occupant of the White House refuses to accept this fact.  Followers/adherents of other religions are not part of a worldwide movement that advocates hatred against the Western world. 

Many people will say, “But this will exclude so many good people!”  So what?  There are plenty of other people in the world who can come to the United States who are a much lower risk to America.   Will we miss the Muslims?  Not really.  Point to some prominent Muslim inventors, scientists, computer scientists, engineers.  Guess what, there aren’t that many—none that I can think of!

 Further, the Muslim religion itself is not compatible with Western ideals.  There isn’t a good example of Muslims integrating themselves very well in any Western country.  Not only that, but Muslims have not been known to condemn acts of terrorism.  Even if most Muslims will not commit acts of terrorism, how come they don’t condemn the terrorists who act in the name of Islam?  So Donald Trump is absolutely correct to demand that we reduce Muslim immigration.  America does not need to be open to absolutely every failed culture on the planet.  We can, and should, set some high standards to come to America.