Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama Hates America

One out of three Americans do not believe Obama loves America.  Can someone list a single thing in Obama's background that would suggest that he loves America--the way it was founded?  We are living in a post-constitutional America, where the rule law no longer applies.  The reason why people come from all over the world to enter into America is because we are a land of freedom and liberty.  People did not come here because they want freebies, politicians who think they can do whatever they want, or because they think "Obama is cool."  The people who legitimately immigrate to America do so because our nation is different from the places where they came from.  If you're reading this from China or some other place where the rule of law applies, you know that this is true.
The legitimate question to ask is how did we reach a point in time that we would elect a man who has contempt for America to be our nation's president?  That is the part that does not make sense.  Obama is not an ordinary president with typical ambitions.  Rather, he seeks to control this country in any way that he can.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama does not love America.

Of course Obama does not love America.  We have been saying, for a very long time, that Obama and other leftists are fundamentally unable to express love or admiration for America.  They have contempt for the principles that America was founded on.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jobs Program for Terrorist ISIS Fighters!? Are you serious?

State Department valley girl spokesperson Marie Harf (rhymes with 'barf') said that ISIS fighters will stop engaging in atrocities if they could find jobs.  What kind of jobs would these bunch of thugs do?  Are we supposed to help create a McDonald's and an Apple store in ISIS territory?  ISIS is completely illegitimate.  We reject all of their goals and believe that the US military should eradicate this menace.  And we're not afraid to state that ISIS is Islamic.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Fascinating fact from Thomas Sowell....

Fascinating fact from Thomas Sowell: In the 1990s, 30-40 million Chinese living abroad pursued as much wealth as the billion Chinese living on the mainland.  Culture matters, but politics matters even more.

Jordan Shows how to Defeat the Islamists

The King of Jordan, Abdullah, who is a direct descent of Muhammad, showed how to defeat the Islamic radicals.  Abdullah has taken the fight to the enemy, delegitimized the Islamic ISIS cockroaches, and he made a wonderful video showing the righteousness of defeating the enemy.  The King of Jordan made a number of wonderful decisions to harm the ISIS cockroaches:

  1. King Abdullah promised that he would execute ISIS terrorists if his Jordanian pilot was killed. He followed through with his promise.  Major points to you, Abdullah!  
  2. He ordered a massive air campaign against ISIS, killing 55 of the bastards.  Now that is how you win.  You get rid of the enemy.  You don't debate them.  If you are dealing with bloodthirsty bandits, you have to get rid of them on the battlefield.  
  3. He did not appease or give in to the ISIS bastard terrorists.  Not an inch. 
It is obvious that King Abdullah cares a great deal about winning the war against Islamic radicals.  Too bad our current president could not care less about this fight.  

Illegal Aliens and traffic accidents.

A friend of mine recently was in a minor car accident. She was making a left-turn when the other driver hit her from behind. The other driver did not even stop and just left. She believes that the driver was an illegal alien based upon a variety of factors. Obama believes that giving amnesty to illegal aliens represents our highest values, but in reality, it just results in more crime and victimizes Americans.

My view of American Sniper, the book.

I have always been fascinated by the dedication of our troops. Chris Kyle's first-hand account of the missions he had in Iraq really made me feel like I was there at the time of the action. This book does not get into the politics of whether we should have gone to war in Iraq or not. Once we make the political decision to go to war, we should unleash our forces to do whatever they feel is necessary to accomplish the goal that we have set out for them to achieve. I agree with the author that it is contradictory to ask them to go to war but then create all sorts of artificial roadblocks that make victory in a war less likely (or more difficult). The author also makes it clear that we can indeed win a war against Islamic terrorists. If you continue to take the war to them, and deplete their numbers, there comes a point in time in which there are no more additional men filling to fight you. And that is the purpose of the war: to eventually win.

Jenny McCarthy and her views on vaccines....

I can't believe people follow Jenny McCarthy when it comes to medical advice like vaccines. Um, where is your medical experience and/or education, McCarthy? Some nutty web site?!

Yogurtland offered free Yogurt a few days ago.

Here is a wonderful economic lesson! Yogurtland offered free yogurt to the public today. Well, what happened? People lined around the block to get some free yogurt. Considering that the yogurt probably costs $3 or $4, I have to ask, Why is it worth an hour of your time to wait for free yogurt? If you wouldn't work for $4 an hour, why would you wait an hour for free yogurt?

The Internet should be a public utility?! That is crazy!

The Obama Administration wants the internet to be a "regulated utility." How much innovation is there at the department of water and power? Not a whole lot.

President Obama Attacks Christians while ISIS Rages on with Barbarity.

We couldn't believe it when we read the news.  Despite the disgusting barbarity of ISIS, Obama has chosen to attack Christians for acts taken nearly 1,000 years ago.  You have to literally be kidding!    What does ISIS have to do with modern Christian barbarity?  Absolutely nothing.   This is just another signal that Obama does not intend to do anything with regard to Islamic terrorism.  The world is literally becoming more dangerous, but the government that is supposed to protect us is not going to do so, unfortunately.