Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kagan's Alarming Record: Military, Guns, Abortion, Immigration

Elena Kagen is NOT qualified to be on the US Supreme Court because she does not believe in the Constitution as it was originally understood at the time of its adoption. She would be an activist judge who ignores the clear meaning of the text of the US Constitution and instead enacts a so-called "progressive" (in reality, regressive) agenda.

In particular, Elena Kagan opposes a government of limited powers, and instead believes in a government of unlimited powers. Instead of serving as a check on the federal government's usurpation of our rights, she would be a rubber stamp supporting every statist policy that Congress and the President enact. Want to sue the federal government to stop them from requiring you to buy health insurance? With an Elena Kagan on the court, good luck, because she is going to automatically vote to affirm the law, regardless of the fact that the law violates the US Constitution.

Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA) Reveals the Democrat Authoritarian Instinct

"I think that there are very few constitutional limits that prevent the federal government from rules that would affect your private life." Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA).

Isn't it amazing that someone can be elected being this brazen about their desire to run our lives?  Democrats are not even trying to hide their authoritarian instincts anymore.  The Democrats, at their root, have a philosophy that is oriented towards state control and state management over every American's life.  That is why we continue to say that Democrats hate America, because America, at its core, was designed as a constitutional republic to protect the rights of the citizenry, not run their lives.