Friday, July 01, 2016

Multiculturalism is for idiots.

My own experience with multiculturalists is that they usually don't know a lot about most parts of the world. They usually respond with a great degree of irrational contempt at any indication that there are cultural differences, and that some places are just blame wastelands because the cultures in those areas are bankrupt. I suppose multiculturalism appeals to the ill informed because it is much easier, from a distance, without reading about different cultures, to just say that they are all equal and be done with the issue. However, even the most ardent multiculturalist will not suggest taking a vacation in Kabul, Somalia, Benghazi, or the Sudan. (Yet, at the same time, they want to bring people from those areas here, because once they are on American soil, things will be fine somehow!) The multiculturalists are also not able to explain why most cars are from the United States, Japan, Germany, or South Korea. (If all countries were equal, wouldn't cars be made in every part of the world?) The best cameras are also made in Germany and Japan. Multiculturalism is an attempt to escape from reality by giving us a fictional account of life in the world.

Governor Jerry Brown supports criminals who steal guns.

Governor Brown signed a bunch of laws that restrict law-abiding Americans from owning certain types of guns. But he did veto one gun-related law. He vetoed a law that would have made the theft of any gun a felony (right now it can be a misdemeanor if the gun is worth less than $750!) Democrats are the party of criminals! No wonder they support restoring the voting rights of felons.