Friday, October 23, 2015

Paul Ryan has an "F" score on Liberty Issues from Conservative Review

The media is trying to give us the impression that Paul Ryan is the last, best hope for Americans.  Well, sorry to say it, but it just isn't the case.  Paul Ryan has a score of "F" on liberty issues from Conservative Review.

It is entirely possible that Paul Ryan once believed in liberty.  However, he has been in office for far too long and his vision of the world has been influenced far too much by Washington and not objective reality.  This is another reason why there should be term-limits for Members of Congress.  Once people have been tempted by power, they have a tough time seeing reality as it exists and instead focus far too much on maintaining the power that they have. We reject the nomination of Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.  We can do better.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Democrats have bankrupt America

America will soon have a new statutory debt limit of $19 trillion.  How can any party claim that they love America when they are destroying the country with so much debt that it literally will be impossible to pay it back?  Democrats are more than happy to continue borrowing more to pay off their worthless constituencies of radical voters who want other people to subsidize their lifestyle.  Democrats even think that their own voters are too stupid and incompetent to figure out how to have safe sex by buying a condom!  What does that say about them?  Can Democrat women figure out how to have sex without demanding that we go into more debt just so politicians can make more promises to offer free shit to constituents?


What is the actual point of Hillary Clinton's candidacy?  Is she particularly intelligent?  Not really.  What policy ideas does she have that the country desperately needs?  None.  She likes to remind us that she is a woman.  Okay....  She is not even a particularly principled leader of the left, having changed her view many times throughout her career.  I have only met one person who was excited about Hillary Clinton running for president, and she was not excited about Clinton's policy views at all.  Shouldn't we be focusing on someone who stands for our interests?  Hillary Clinton has received millions of charitable "donations" to her risible "non-profit," the Clinton Foundation, from foreign governments.  Why did they donate so much money?  What do they hope to gain from her candidacy?