Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barack Obama is intentionally trying to destroy America

President Barack Obama has enough historical economic data and research to know that his economic policies are not capable of working. So why does he continue his disastrous policies, including, but not limited to, nationalization of financial, insurance, health care, car companies, and others; massive tax increases on every American; $1 trillion deficit spending; fake "stimulus" plans that merely increase the size and scope of federal spending?

There is a reason why Barack Obama is pursuing this path: He is intentionally trying to destroy the American economy. Remember: Democrats do hate America, and Obama has made this clear.

He is trying to "fundamentally" transition Americans from a capitalist economy into a socialist-based one. This is not an accident. He is not merely ignorant, misinformed, or stupid.

It's worse. He is doing this intentionally. Well, thankfully, the US Constitution does not give the President dictatorial powers. Congress is independent of the President, and they have their own unique constituency. When the American people tell their elected representatives "no," it will make many of these Democrats in Congress fearful of going along with these socialistic policy proposals.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Government-run coffee houses.

Do Democrats want the government to take over coffee houses like Starbucks? Read my satirical report here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Video shows the horror of government-run health care.

This is a very good video that explains how the socialist, government-run, authoritarian, top-down health care systems do not produce good results at all. We need to spread the word to the public and ensure that they oppose ObamaCare, because they won't like it when they get it. Also, once this type of authoritarian system is in effect, it's very hard to repeal it.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hands off our health care system.

Americans must loudly demonstrate to Congress that we do not want a government-run health insurance system. Every government health care system in the world has failed. Some have failed more than others, but all of them provide substandard care, less quality, rationing by bureacratic officials, and less choices.

Further, the debate about the "uninsured" in America is the greatest source of misinformation.

From Mark Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny":
"In 2006, the Census Bureau reported that there were 46.6 million people without health insurance.
  • About 9.5 million were not United States citizens.
  • Another 17 million lived in households with incomes exceeding $50,000 a year and could, presumably, purchase their own health coverage [1].
  • Eighteen million of the 46.6 million uninsured were between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four, most of whom were in good health and no necessarily in need of health-care coverage or chose not to purchase it [2].
  • Moreover, only 30 percent of the nonelderly population who became uninsured in a given year remained uninsured for more than twelve months.
  • Almost 50 percent regained their health coverage within four months [3]. The 47 million "uninsured" figure used by [Speaker of the Houe Nancy] Pelosi and others is widely inaccurate."
Why are we trying to destroy the greatest health care system in the world? There is no health care crisis. Tell Congress to keep their hands off of our health care. Call (202)224-3121 and ask to speak with your elected representative.

President Obama attacks Swiss sovereingty.

Barack Obama campaigned for president in 2008 partly on a platform of trying to restore America's "respect in the world." Voters were told that America would reach out and try harder to show our friendship with those in Europe, in particular.

So how is Obama proving his friendship with Europe?

By trashing the sovereingty of Switzerland. The United States is demanding that certain tax related data from clients by Swiss-based UBS be turned over to the Internal Revenue Service. If UBS does so, it would undermine Swiss's bank secrecy laws, and thus, their entire banking system. When a customer places money in a Swiss account, there is the implicit assumption that their data will not be turned over under any circumstances to authorities in other jurisdictions. If customers no longer believe that their banking related information is kept secret in Switzerland, customers will find other jurisdictions that are able to maintain such secrecy. As a result, a lot of Swiss's banks will have fewer deposits, more will fail, unemployment will rise, and the economy will suffer. What does Obama have against Switzerland?

Interestingly, Switzerland is considering passing a law preventing UBS from complying with the IRS mandates. As Reuters reports, this case is "souring diplomatic ties."

So much for the broken promise of Barack Obama trying to repair relations with the rest of the world.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Is Obama asking the Russians for a tutoring lesson on how to get czars to enforce an authoritarian agenda?

Obama is presently in Russia. We're a bit curious to know whether Obama is asking the Russians how to get the czars to enforce Obama's authoritarian agenda. If anyone knows something about czars, it's certainly the Russians.