Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barack Obama is intentionally trying to destroy America

President Barack Obama has enough historical economic data and research to know that his economic policies are not capable of working. So why does he continue his disastrous policies, including, but not limited to, nationalization of financial, insurance, health care, car companies, and others; massive tax increases on every American; $1 trillion deficit spending; fake "stimulus" plans that merely increase the size and scope of federal spending?

There is a reason why Barack Obama is pursuing this path: He is intentionally trying to destroy the American economy. Remember: Democrats do hate America, and Obama has made this clear.

He is trying to "fundamentally" transition Americans from a capitalist economy into a socialist-based one. This is not an accident. He is not merely ignorant, misinformed, or stupid.

It's worse. He is doing this intentionally. Well, thankfully, the US Constitution does not give the President dictatorial powers. Congress is independent of the President, and they have their own unique constituency. When the American people tell their elected representatives "no," it will make many of these Democrats in Congress fearful of going along with these socialistic policy proposals.

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