Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Most LAUSD Students Headed for Prison; Prison Officials Want to Recruit More Students.

Most LAUSD Students Headed for Prison; Prison Officials Want to Recruit More Students.

The Los Angeles school system (known officially as the “Los Angeles Unified School District”) has a staff of college counselors to guide students to college. LAUSD school college counselors frequently invite college and university representatives from across the nation to meet with students. Currently, at any time of the year, students are likely to meet and greet with UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, and even Harvard representatives. Members of the U.S. military are also on hand on many occasions to speak to students about life in the military.

Not surprisingly, a state prison, feeling left out of post-graduate recruitment, has asked to be represented on campus, too. Representatives from San Quentin State Penitentiary, a maximum security facility, have asked to be admitted on campus to speak with students about life on its facilities, including its recreational activities, panoramic ocean front views of the Bay Area, eccentric inmates, friendly staff, and nutritious food.

Last fall, San Quentin’s Warden, Jack Anderson, had a private meeting with Los Angeles Unified School District Superintended Roy Romer. Jack Anderson specifically told Mr. Romer that the real truth is that most of the students attending Los Angeles schools will end up being sentenced to his facility for life anyway, and as a result, it would be appropriate for prison officials to be available to answer students questions, provide brochures of the historic facility, and even have field trips.

Mr. Romer appeared rather distraught by the conversation. The LA school superintended interrupted the prison official many times. Mr. Romer said, “Yes, yes, it is true: many of our students will be headed to prison after they graduate from high school. We have gangs and drug dealers. Kids kill each other on our facilities all the time—so it would not be such a radical change for them to live most of their life at San Quentin. However, I am concerned. If we were to invite you onto our campuses, it would suggest that we have a real problem on our hands and that we must fix it. And we do not feel there is any need to reform a school system as great as ours. Yes, most of our students cannot read but know how to pull a gun’s trigger, but the great salaries that our administrators receive in Downtown LA more than makes up for this educational deficiency.”

San Quentin’s Warden understood these concerns quite well. However, Jack Anderson said that the major reason for this recruitment effort is to find a place where most of these students will live once they graduate. “We all know that most of these kids are too stupid to be able to live in freedom and to be able to take care of themselves,” Jack Anderson said. To which Roy Romer responded, “Yes, they are awfully stupid, but if we could convince our brainwashed electorate to cough up another $100 billion to improve our public schools, I am sure that we could get some results.”

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Phil Angelides: Tax Raiser

  • California Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides is distinctively anti-Objectivist. Phil Angelides holds the belief that high-income taxpayers in California can be punished and punished and, due to California’s great climate, eccentric population, and remarkable culture, would never leave. Phil Angelides does not believe that individuals who go to graduate (or professional school), spend a great deal of hours gaining experience, and who truly work hard and “play by the rules” (to use a Democratic slogan) should reap the benefits in this state.

  • Phil Angelides wants to punish the productive class. Phil Angelidehas promised that his first act as governor would be to punish the individuals who work the hardest, pay the highest share of taxes, and who generate billions in state economic activity. This philosophy indicates that he wants to re-radically re-establish our system of punishment and rewards. Thus, if an individual starts a business, that person must be punished the moment that they become “wealthy” (according to the definition of the elite politicians.).
  • Phil Angelides is a closet socialist. Phil Angelides, like many Soviet Union-era politician, holds the belief that government agents ought to control the population by controlling the economic activity of the state. This is exactly what Mr. Angelides wants to do: he wants to raise taxes so that the government, not the private sector, will have more funds. Further, Mr. Angelides wants to channel this money towards the parasitic class. In this particular election, the parasitic class’ pet project is “universal pre-school”—which already exists! (There is a federal program called “Head Start”—which is means tested to ensure that only the rift-raft class is eligible).
  • Mr. Angelides is a good deal for the parasites, but not for the productive. The same politician who wants to punish the hard working wants to reward the worthless class of parasites. For instance, Phil Angelides believes that the parasites, the rift-raft population, the illegal alien, the gangsters who terrorize our government-run schools, the child rapists, and the unproductive welfare queens should be rewarded. In this present election, Phil Angelides wants to impose an additional 1% income tax on individuals earning more than $400,000 ($800,000, for those lucky enough to be married; perhaps we could call this the ‘discrimination against those who are too ugly, sick, or are too gay to get married’) so that illegal aliens can send their ten kids to pre-school. In contrast, Mr. Angelides wants to lavish these groups of people with more subsidies—even though it will not cause them to be more productive or change their behavior. They will be just as worthless to the state of California as before, but the productive will be harmed.
  • California’s high income tax rate has chased away the very rich people that Mr. Angelides wants to tax! Venus Williams and Tiger Woods are the most notable high income earners who have left California for state income tax-free Florida. Apparently they were not convinced that they should “sacrifice” their income for the benefit of the parasite class. Income tax rates do affect human behavior. Mr. Angelides is either na├»ve or stupid if he believes that he can raise tax rates and increase tax revenue. More than likely, the higher tax rates will be a tax loser as the productive class leaves, leaving the middle class on the hook to pay for the voracious appetite of the parasite class. Is there any surprise that Bill Gates lives in state income-tax free Washington state?

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Democrats have shown no interest in opening up the United States to immigrants the country needs.

The Democrats have shown no interest in opening up the United States to immigrants the country needs. The United States is a country that millions of people from around the world wants to enter. Thus, the United States is faced with the unique position of being able to choose which individuals from around the world we wish to admit.

Considering this fact, one would think that the United States would choose immigrants who would substantially improve our economy, political life, and culture. This would include accepting only immigrants who have a college education (or its equivalent), substantial life experience, speak fluent English, have advanced skills or knowledge that is in short supply (science and math), and have a strong desire to become Americanized. There is no shortage of uneducated and unskilled workers. Los Angeles has far too many. It is time that our politicians open up our nation to the skilled and highly educated individuals of Europe and Asia, and to say no to uneducated and unskilled illegals from South America.