Monday, December 28, 2015

Banning Muslims Means Less Terrorism? Yes.

Can anyone provide a justification for not banning Muslim immigrants?  We're not arguing all Muslims are terrorists.  We're simply saying that among terrorists, almost all of them are Muslims.  Heck, maybe all terrorists are Muslims.  Considering this, doesn't it make logical sense that banning Muslims from immigrating or visiting America means that there will be less terrorists?

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Donald Trump is Right to Ban Muslim Immigrants

Donald Trump recently called for a complete ban on all Muslim immigrants and visitors to the United States.  This would be a wonderful policy that would improve the safety of the American people. 

We are at war with radical Islam, even if the current occupant of the White House refuses to accept this fact.  Followers/adherents of other religions are not part of a worldwide movement that advocates hatred against the Western world. 

Many people will say, “But this will exclude so many good people!”  So what?  There are plenty of other people in the world who can come to the United States who are a much lower risk to America.   Will we miss the Muslims?  Not really.  Point to some prominent Muslim inventors, scientists, computer scientists, engineers.  Guess what, there aren’t that many—none that I can think of!

 Further, the Muslim religion itself is not compatible with Western ideals.  There isn’t a good example of Muslims integrating themselves very well in any Western country.  Not only that, but Muslims have not been known to condemn acts of terrorism.  Even if most Muslims will not commit acts of terrorism, how come they don’t condemn the terrorists who act in the name of Islam?  So Donald Trump is absolutely correct to demand that we reduce Muslim immigration.  America does not need to be open to absolutely every failed culture on the planet.  We can, and should, set some high standards to come to America.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

Obama and Democrats condemn America with "climate change" talks.

Obama is in Paris to condemn the United States and its citizens for pursuing economic growth rather than bow down to the climate change hysteria.  People want to live their lives, raise their families, and make a living.  They are not interested in having a third world lifestyle to fight a mythical problem that politicians seem too fascinated by.  People want higher incomes, new jobs, new products and services.  Do they really want politicians to raise our taxes, ration our energy usage, and tell us what we should not do?  No.  Shut the hell up, politicians.  We are sick and tired of you lecturing us, bullying us, and telling us where we can live, what kind of cars we should drive, and how we are terrible people.  Instead, Americans are going to vote out the politicians, namely Democrats, who continue to stand against progress.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama: I’m Not Interested In ‘American Leadership, Or America Winning’

We have long held that Democrats hate America and have contempt for the country to which they have been elected.  Recently, Obama said: "What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of ‘American leadership’ or ‘America winning."


Why shouldn't America win? How come Obama hates America so much that he is unwilling to develop a strategy to defeat ISIS? Why doesn't he want to defeat such people? ISIS can be defeated militarily, but this requires that Obama actually develop a strategy that is oriented towards permanently defeating such people.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Democrat Party Supports Terrorism

In the United States, Democrats care more about the potential for future Syrian refugees voting for Democrats in the future than they do about the national security interests of the American people.  Americans demand, and deserve, to be protected from external threats.  We're not arguing every Syrian is a terrorist, but why would we take the risk of importing people from a volatile and dangerous region, especially when ISIS promised that they would infiltrate themselves among the refugees?  It certainly does not seem to be a smart strategy to allow any such people into our country.  Yet, Democrats are highly determined to bring Syrians into the country.  Well, it makes sense:  Democrats hate America.  It's just a fact.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg and the Islamists

Mark Zuckerberg refuses to admit that the Islamic terrorists are at war with Western civilization. He calls them "a small minority of extremists" but refuses to consider their ideology at all. Even a small number of individuals who are committed to do us harm can create a lot of problems. 19 hijackers took down the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon. What we need to do is give up on the hashtags and pointless emojis and focus on who are enemies are and stop pretending that ignoring the problem will make it go away. Just say no to any more Muslims immigrating to Western countries. Build a wall.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

54% of Los Angeles' residents speak a language other than English at home. Huge failure!

Diversity does not work.  Look around the world: anytime there are differences of culture within a given geographical area, you will find civil war, riots, discrimination, social tension, and other problems.  I am not talking about “diversity of race.”  I am talking culture.  One example of too much diversity is the fact that 54% of Los Angeles’s residents speak  a language other than English at home.  How can an American city exist as an American city when a majority of its residents speak some language other than English?  How does that work?  One example of this failure is anyone who has followed any news about the Los Angeles Unified School District.  LAUSD suffers from high dropout rates, poor academic standards, violent schools, an out of control bureaucracy, and other failures.  Part of this problem is the fact a large number of the students are illegal aliens and are literally have no stake in the American system whatsoever.  They don’t speak English at home (or perhaps outside the home!), and thus, there is no chance that they will ever achieve success in America.  America must stand for something.  People need to speak English, and the vast majority of Americans need to speak English at home.  We cannot be 100 tiny countries in one city.  Trust me, that won’t end well.  

Monday, November 02, 2015

Democrats will turn America into a Brutal North Korean Communist State

When you ask Democrats what the limits are to their agenda of using the government to fix 'problems,' both real and imagined, you get a blank stare.  That is because they actually do not know of any limit to their zeal to expand government's influence into every private sphere of our lives.  There is a reason why a lot of Democrats openly show admiration for the world's worst dictators, including Fidel Castro, the late Hugo Chavez, etc, etc.  Democrats wish that they had the same unlimited power that these despots have.

The Democrats running for president today are not going to tell you, dear voter, about how they want to increase the power of the government.  Government despots never talk about the power that they want for themselves.  Instead, they will talk about all of the "free crap" that they want to provide you, whether it is condoms, education, abortion, housing, or health care.  How do they provide you with this free shit?  Easy.  They have to steal the money from one group of taxpayers and hand out the goodies to the people voting for the politicians.  As time goes on, the producers start to wake up to what is going on and decide that perhaps they should work a lot less, thus reducing their taxable income.  The Democrats are at war against people who produce things for a living.   They don't provide anything new.  They are more like a mafia family that wears cheap suits and gives long, boring speeches with a fake smile.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Paul Ryan has an "F" score on Liberty Issues from Conservative Review

The media is trying to give us the impression that Paul Ryan is the last, best hope for Americans.  Well, sorry to say it, but it just isn't the case.  Paul Ryan has a score of "F" on liberty issues from Conservative Review.

It is entirely possible that Paul Ryan once believed in liberty.  However, he has been in office for far too long and his vision of the world has been influenced far too much by Washington and not objective reality.  This is another reason why there should be term-limits for Members of Congress.  Once people have been tempted by power, they have a tough time seeing reality as it exists and instead focus far too much on maintaining the power that they have. We reject the nomination of Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.  We can do better.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Democrats have bankrupt America

America will soon have a new statutory debt limit of $19 trillion.  How can any party claim that they love America when they are destroying the country with so much debt that it literally will be impossible to pay it back?  Democrats are more than happy to continue borrowing more to pay off their worthless constituencies of radical voters who want other people to subsidize their lifestyle.  Democrats even think that their own voters are too stupid and incompetent to figure out how to have safe sex by buying a condom!  What does that say about them?  Can Democrat women figure out how to have sex without demanding that we go into more debt just so politicians can make more promises to offer free shit to constituents?


What is the actual point of Hillary Clinton's candidacy?  Is she particularly intelligent?  Not really.  What policy ideas does she have that the country desperately needs?  None.  She likes to remind us that she is a woman.  Okay....  She is not even a particularly principled leader of the left, having changed her view many times throughout her career.  I have only met one person who was excited about Hillary Clinton running for president, and she was not excited about Clinton's policy views at all.  Shouldn't we be focusing on someone who stands for our interests?  Hillary Clinton has received millions of charitable "donations" to her risible "non-profit," the Clinton Foundation, from foreign governments.  Why did they donate so much money?  What do they hope to gain from her candidacy?

Friday, September 25, 2015

National debt, peace, war, and colleges.

Recently, I had a birthday.  The great thing about getting older is that I’m able to see patterns in life that I was not able to notice when I was younger.  For instance, certain developments happen year after year, decade after decade, and by being able to see these kind of patterns, I’m actually able to be a little bit ahead of the curve.  One could even argue that some of this has made me a bit more cynical, too.

As an example, every year, I hear politicians talking about the national debt, but every year, it goes up.  I’m skeptical anytime I hear politicians discussing this issue because there is no evidence that they care about it at all.  If they did care about it, they would act responsibly, reduce federal expenses, and actually pay down our debt.  Or they would (at least!) pass policies that would actually increase economic growth so dramatically that the debt would be a much smaller percentage of our economy.  

Then there are those who are always chanting for peace--despite the fact that, in human history, peace has not been the natural order of the world.  There will always be war, tyranny, and dictators.  War is literally part of the human condition.  We might not like it, but it is what it is.  The only thing that changes with regard to war is the technology used during wars.  I always think it is quite funny how a few minutes chatting with some people playing a video game like Battlefield yields more common sense and rationality than politicians who have been in office for 40 years.  As a recent example, I recently asked people in a video game whether the game should introduce Miranda warnings, requirements that the enemy actually shoot you before you shoot back, a requirement to determine how many women and children are located in a particular area, and a “time out” if you use “excessive force” against the enemy, etc, etc.  The answers were colorful, but it is clear that they said “no!”  Not a single dissent.  If only people who played video games would be in charge of war!

I have learned that it might not be possible to encourage some civilizations to advance and become modern.  If backward people are given the right to vote, this does not instantly make them modern, civilized, or capable of living in a free society.  Afghanistan will likely be a Islamic garbage can long into the future.  America can spend billions of dollars trying to “fix” this hell hole, but it will never fix the inherent problems with the place, which is the Islamic culture.  In fact, America has done nothing to try to undermine the culture of Islam, which is a major reason why Afghanistan is so poor and backward.  (To prove my point--Dubai is a wealthy city-state, and this is the case mainly because the government bases its laws on a freer version of capitalism, not Sharia-law.)  I am not sure why America has not at least tried to tackle the number one issue in Afghanistan, which is its regressive, 7th century interpretation of Islam.  We have even encouraged the Afghans to make Sharia-law the basis of their Constitution!

On another random note: I have noticed that politicians promote college for all as some kind of pathway to the “middle class.”  Since past college graduates have done quite well in life, there is an assumption that college is necessary for every single American.  I personally believe that IQ probably explains more of the success that most college graduates of the past have experienced.  Since half the population will have below average IQs, colleges have had to respond to the dumber students by creating remedial classes in math and English, as well as ridiculously lame majors like grievance studies.  In the end, a lot of colleges are just graduating students with fancy degrees in useless majors and tons of debt.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Democrats hate Homeless People. Homelessness in LA is going up!

There is a record-level of poverty and homelessness in the city of LA. . Everywhere I go I see plenty of Obamavilles. As usual, you know who I will blame: the Democrats in charge of the city of LA (and the Federal Reserve). First: a) LA makes it very difficult to create any kind of building, including apartments; b) LA has rent control on the books for old apartment buildings that are aimed at those with moderate incomes. So a developer or landlord who wants to make a profit would have an incentive to ignore the market for apartments for those with average incomes because at some point in the future, rent control might be imposed. Further, the Federal Reserve makes things even worse because the zero interest policy makes asset prices go up, including land. As a result, to buy land to create apartments requires more money, and as a result, rent has to be even higher to make the investment worthwhile. If you ask me, this is more evidence that the Democrat Party hates the people they claim to support. Or they are just extremely stupid.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Media refuses to debate Donald Trump. Instead, they trash him.

You don't have to agree with Donald Trump on his political views or his business practices, and indeed, I actually have plenty of criticism (i.e., his support for the notion that the government can take someone's private property to transfer it to a developer). However, it's clear that the media is not happy with him and now they are going to do whatever it takes to trash him. The statist/socialist/communists refuse to debate him based upon his ideas.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Obamacare is not insurance.

The reason health insurance is no longer affordable is because what you are buying is no longer insurance but rather a welfare scheme.  Insurance is a way to protect oneself against unforeseen expenses that one does not wish to pay for oneself.  Obama brag that Obamacare now covers routine trips to the doctor!  Why should insurance cover that anymore than car insurance should cover oil changes?

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Should the Democrat Party be banned?

The Democrat Party is the party of tyranny.  This is a very difficult concept to portray to the American people, however, because people have the perspective that a political party in America that gets nearly 50% of the vote can't actually be a malevolent organization that is oriented towards destroying the American culture.  People just have this perspective that it is impossible for America to have an anti-American socialist party really hates contempt for its own voters.  But it does.  The Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and crappy government-schools for millions of Americans.

Ann Coulter recently suggested that America should ban the Democrat Party.  People do not have the right to enslave others, but that is exactly what the Democrat Party seeks to do to all of us.  They want more laws, more regulations, and more control over what we, as individuals, are permitted to do.  They believe that more laws and controls will mean that we will do what the central authorities at the Democrat Party want us to do.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Economy has been Lousy in Obama Era.

The economy has been lousy for the entire duration of Obama's two-terms in office, and I suspect that the economy will only improve once he leaves office.  That is quite a remarkable record, even by today's standards.  A lot of the economic producers are just waiting for Obama to leave office before they invest in new capital to jumpstart the economy.  Obama does not want to improve the economy.  He really does not care about poor economic performance. Why should he?  Despite presiding over one of the worst economies in recent memory, he was re-elected despite the fact that he has a terrible record.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Democrats are soft on crime.

Democrats are soft on crime.  NYC city mayor has a bargain for career criminals: a get out of jail free card!  If there is a warrant for you, the NYC mayor is basically saying you have nothing to worry about!  How insane is that?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Democrat Party is nothing more than a criminal enterprise

Democrats are an anti-American, subversive, and seriously deranged political party.  The Democrat Party is more like a computer virus than a serious political party with real solutions to the problems we face.  Instead, the Democrat Party offers nothing but crumbs to help out the losers in life while secretly stealing trillions of dollars from hard working Americans and shuffling it through the bureaucracy.  The Democrat Party is nothing more than a criminal enterprise that masquerades as a serious political party, which it isn't.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Raise the minimum wage? Jobs get eliminated.

When the minimum wage is so high that it is cheaper to replace human labor with capital investment, an employer will not hesitate to make the rational decision to opt for machines.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton and Ford Pinto

Hillary Clinton is the Ford Pinto of presidential politics. Hillary is a cynical old nincompoop with a fake smile ... who clings to her discredited Marxist political philosophy and never seems to be competent at anything. "What difference does it make?" that she is announcing that she is running for president today? None. The only person who is excited about her candidacy is herself.

Hillary Clinton is an old Ford Pinto. Ted Cruz is a Porsche Spyder 918

I might be odd, but I like to compare our presidential candidates to cars. On the Democrat side, there is only one official candidate, Hillary Clinton. Hillary is an old Ford Pinto. On the Republican side, Ted Cruz is a Porsche 918 Spyder. Rand Paul is a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Marco Rubio is a Ford Fusion. If Jeb Bush decides to run, he's a 2005 Pontiac Aztek.

F.A. Hayek on Knowledge

"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design." -- F. A. Hayek
The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism
University of Chicago Press

What Hayek was referring to is the false assumption that someone like Hillary Clinton can know all there is to know about health care and other large organizations in society.  Hillary gives the pretense of knowing things that she clearly does not know, all in the hopes of getting the votes of low-information voters.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Starbucks baristas to talk about...race!? What about talking about coffee!?

According to Breitbart, Starbucks baristas will be encouraged to talk about race-relations in America with customers.  This is a terrible idea! Why would anyone want to talk about race-relations with their barista?  When we want to get coffee, we just want our damn coffee.  We did not come to Starbucks to talk about race, nor do we care what race the baristas are.  We just want the damn coffee!

Azealia Banks hates America

Azealia Banks apparently hates America.  In a Playboy interview, she said, "“Yes! I hate everything about this country,” Banks replied when Playboy asked if she wanted to leave the United States. “Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms.”  Well, why not leave this country, you moron?  You aren't forced to live in this country.  All of the malcontents like you should leave if you hate it so much.  

Monday, March 09, 2015

With some reservations, Apple Watch likely to be a success.

What can we make of the new Apple Watch?  Many investment analysts have no clue whether people will want the Apple watch.  And in truth, neither does Apple.  The truth is that Apple is trying to diversify their business operations because almost all of their revenue comes from sales of the iPhone.  And while the iPhone has done spectacularly well, it is risky for a business operations to be so dependent upon one source of income (just as it is perhaps dangerous to be dependent upon only one source of income for an individual).  For that reason, I think that there are quite a number of reasons why the Apple Watch will be successful.

  • Apple Watch is likely to be successful due to the inherent vision of industrial designer, Johnny Ives.   Ives knows that Apple consumers like products that are eloquent, simple, and beautiful.
  • People mocked the iPhone when it was first announced, but guess what?  It was super successful. People are similarly mocking the Apple Watch.
  • People like to tear down Apple precisely because they have been enormously successful and have been able to connect very well with their audience.  They should be revered, not reviled.  After all, unlike Tesla, Apple is not demanding subsidies for their Apple Watch business!
  • The watch market has been getting a bit boring lately.  Why not add a little competition by adding a remarkably eloquent and beautiful product to the mix?  Makes sense to us.
If you can, we definitely would appreciate a donation to this blog.  Thank you.  It is good karma.  Who knows?  We might spend it on an Apple Watch. :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Has World War III Begun?

Mark Levin famously asserted that World War III has begun.  We happen to agree with this view.  Of course, fighting the Islamofascist enemy, which is an ideology, will be different from the way wars have been fought against the axis powers.  However, we have to admit that militant, theocratic-Islam is a worldwide movement, is very ideological, and appears to be a war that is infecting every part of the planet.  Most of the leaders in the West do not seem able to handle this war very well.  A lot of leaders, including President Obama, do not even wish to identify the enemy.  (How can you win a war when you refuse to name your enemy?  Answer: you can't).  This war is likely to last a long time.  Most citizens in Western nations don't even realize what is going on because most leaders refuse to identify the enemy (Islamofascism).   Well, I believe that over the long-run, eventually a leader steps up and addresses a problem.  The right person will indeed show up.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama Hates America

One out of three Americans do not believe Obama loves America.  Can someone list a single thing in Obama's background that would suggest that he loves America--the way it was founded?  We are living in a post-constitutional America, where the rule law no longer applies.  The reason why people come from all over the world to enter into America is because we are a land of freedom and liberty.  People did not come here because they want freebies, politicians who think they can do whatever they want, or because they think "Obama is cool."  The people who legitimately immigrate to America do so because our nation is different from the places where they came from.  If you're reading this from China or some other place where the rule of law applies, you know that this is true.
The legitimate question to ask is how did we reach a point in time that we would elect a man who has contempt for America to be our nation's president?  That is the part that does not make sense.  Obama is not an ordinary president with typical ambitions.  Rather, he seeks to control this country in any way that he can.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama does not love America.

Of course Obama does not love America.  We have been saying, for a very long time, that Obama and other leftists are fundamentally unable to express love or admiration for America.  They have contempt for the principles that America was founded on.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jobs Program for Terrorist ISIS Fighters!? Are you serious?

State Department valley girl spokesperson Marie Harf (rhymes with 'barf') said that ISIS fighters will stop engaging in atrocities if they could find jobs.  What kind of jobs would these bunch of thugs do?  Are we supposed to help create a McDonald's and an Apple store in ISIS territory?  ISIS is completely illegitimate.  We reject all of their goals and believe that the US military should eradicate this menace.  And we're not afraid to state that ISIS is Islamic.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Fascinating fact from Thomas Sowell....

Fascinating fact from Thomas Sowell: In the 1990s, 30-40 million Chinese living abroad pursued as much wealth as the billion Chinese living on the mainland.  Culture matters, but politics matters even more.

Jordan Shows how to Defeat the Islamists

The King of Jordan, Abdullah, who is a direct descent of Muhammad, showed how to defeat the Islamic radicals.  Abdullah has taken the fight to the enemy, delegitimized the Islamic ISIS cockroaches, and he made a wonderful video showing the righteousness of defeating the enemy.  The King of Jordan made a number of wonderful decisions to harm the ISIS cockroaches:

  1. King Abdullah promised that he would execute ISIS terrorists if his Jordanian pilot was killed. He followed through with his promise.  Major points to you, Abdullah!  
  2. He ordered a massive air campaign against ISIS, killing 55 of the bastards.  Now that is how you win.  You get rid of the enemy.  You don't debate them.  If you are dealing with bloodthirsty bandits, you have to get rid of them on the battlefield.  
  3. He did not appease or give in to the ISIS bastard terrorists.  Not an inch. 
It is obvious that King Abdullah cares a great deal about winning the war against Islamic radicals.  Too bad our current president could not care less about this fight.  

Illegal Aliens and traffic accidents.

A friend of mine recently was in a minor car accident. She was making a left-turn when the other driver hit her from behind. The other driver did not even stop and just left. She believes that the driver was an illegal alien based upon a variety of factors. Obama believes that giving amnesty to illegal aliens represents our highest values, but in reality, it just results in more crime and victimizes Americans.

My view of American Sniper, the book.

I have always been fascinated by the dedication of our troops. Chris Kyle's first-hand account of the missions he had in Iraq really made me feel like I was there at the time of the action. This book does not get into the politics of whether we should have gone to war in Iraq or not. Once we make the political decision to go to war, we should unleash our forces to do whatever they feel is necessary to accomplish the goal that we have set out for them to achieve. I agree with the author that it is contradictory to ask them to go to war but then create all sorts of artificial roadblocks that make victory in a war less likely (or more difficult). The author also makes it clear that we can indeed win a war against Islamic terrorists. If you continue to take the war to them, and deplete their numbers, there comes a point in time in which there are no more additional men filling to fight you. And that is the purpose of the war: to eventually win.

Jenny McCarthy and her views on vaccines....

I can't believe people follow Jenny McCarthy when it comes to medical advice like vaccines. Um, where is your medical experience and/or education, McCarthy? Some nutty web site?!

Yogurtland offered free Yogurt a few days ago.

Here is a wonderful economic lesson! Yogurtland offered free yogurt to the public today. Well, what happened? People lined around the block to get some free yogurt. Considering that the yogurt probably costs $3 or $4, I have to ask, Why is it worth an hour of your time to wait for free yogurt? If you wouldn't work for $4 an hour, why would you wait an hour for free yogurt?

The Internet should be a public utility?! That is crazy!

The Obama Administration wants the internet to be a "regulated utility." How much innovation is there at the department of water and power? Not a whole lot.

President Obama Attacks Christians while ISIS Rages on with Barbarity.

We couldn't believe it when we read the news.  Despite the disgusting barbarity of ISIS, Obama has chosen to attack Christians for acts taken nearly 1,000 years ago.  You have to literally be kidding!    What does ISIS have to do with modern Christian barbarity?  Absolutely nothing.   This is just another signal that Obama does not intend to do anything with regard to Islamic terrorism.  The world is literally becoming more dangerous, but the government that is supposed to protect us is not going to do so, unfortunately.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Working on a video to help people achieve financial success!

I am presently working on editing a YouTube video on how to make it in America and achieve financial success.  This has been a project that I have been interested in for quite some time, but just haven't had the time to work on it until now.  I do hope you enjoy it when I finally post it here!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Picking up Hot Girls.

I have been watching a few "pick up artists" on YouTube, and there is one thing that seems rather surprising after watching these videos.  Average, ordinary men who have a good personality, show optimism and determination, are able to meet women if they simply take the effort needed to talk to them.  This is a bit surprising because a lot of people think hot girls will only go out with a guy who is a jock or super rich.  This is not the case.  People have a lot more opportunities than they think!