Friday, February 06, 2015

Jordan Shows how to Defeat the Islamists

The King of Jordan, Abdullah, who is a direct descent of Muhammad, showed how to defeat the Islamic radicals.  Abdullah has taken the fight to the enemy, delegitimized the Islamic ISIS cockroaches, and he made a wonderful video showing the righteousness of defeating the enemy.  The King of Jordan made a number of wonderful decisions to harm the ISIS cockroaches:

  1. King Abdullah promised that he would execute ISIS terrorists if his Jordanian pilot was killed. He followed through with his promise.  Major points to you, Abdullah!  
  2. He ordered a massive air campaign against ISIS, killing 55 of the bastards.  Now that is how you win.  You get rid of the enemy.  You don't debate them.  If you are dealing with bloodthirsty bandits, you have to get rid of them on the battlefield.  
  3. He did not appease or give in to the ISIS bastard terrorists.  Not an inch. 
It is obvious that King Abdullah cares a great deal about winning the war against Islamic radicals.  Too bad our current president could not care less about this fight.  

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