Friday, February 06, 2015

My view of American Sniper, the book.

I have always been fascinated by the dedication of our troops. Chris Kyle's first-hand account of the missions he had in Iraq really made me feel like I was there at the time of the action. This book does not get into the politics of whether we should have gone to war in Iraq or not. Once we make the political decision to go to war, we should unleash our forces to do whatever they feel is necessary to accomplish the goal that we have set out for them to achieve. I agree with the author that it is contradictory to ask them to go to war but then create all sorts of artificial roadblocks that make victory in a war less likely (or more difficult). The author also makes it clear that we can indeed win a war against Islamic terrorists. If you continue to take the war to them, and deplete their numbers, there comes a point in time in which there are no more additional men filling to fight you. And that is the purpose of the war: to eventually win.

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