Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Democrats prioritize illegal aliens over American workers

The Democrats only care about the migrants at the southern border because they feel that this is a new issue that they can exploit for their own purposes.
American Law Enforcement and unidentified individuals
United States Border Patrol

For the Democrats, the quality about the illegals that they like most is that they are poor and relatively uneducated.  This is despite the fact that illegal aliens do jobs that poor Americans otherwise would do.  As a result, the wages of Americans with few skills or low education are lowered as a result of the Democrat Party open borders policy.    Americans are not asking for more illegal aliens from south of the border.  Most Americans consider this massive increase in illegal immigration to be literally an invasion.    The Democrat Party can always be counted on to go against the interests of American citizens.

The reasons why Americans oppose illegal immigration:

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Here's What No One Tells You: Democrats Say Biden Is Racist. Kamala Harris: "Biden Is ‘Ignorant of the History of Race in this Country’"

Kamala Harris said today that Biden is "ignorant of the history of race in this country."  We love Democrat Party presidential nominations precisely for this reason.  It's fun to see Democrats get similar treatment that Republicans had to deal with for all these years. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Chinese Communist Party is similar to America’s Democrat Party

The Democrat Party is similar to the Chinese Communist Party.  
.  Both have an opposition to civil society—that is, anything that is not related to the government.  Both the communist party and the Democrats seem to believe that if they are not involved in something, it  must be banned.  The communists in China don’t like the independence of Taiwan just as Democrats oppose Texas going the way of focusing on economic freedom.  Kamala Harris thinks Alabama should not have the right to set its own abortion policy.  This is similar to how the Chinese communists are very frustrated with one area of their country that accepts freedom and liberty to govern itself — Hong Kong.  Leftists and communists do not believe in any constraints on their power.  They always want more.  

Why did President Donald Trump win the Presidency?

Why did President Donald Trump win the presidency?  This is a really interesting video that explains why people really were frustrated by the process of globalization.  There is a division between those who can work anywhere in the world and those who are tied to local areas. 

Chinese make parts for the Pentagon?!

So a Chinese-owned companies was making parts for the US Department of Defense?  That isn't good.   I think this is one reason why people are skeptical that the so-called "elite" in Washington DC know what they are talking about. They tend to make a lot of mistakes, and we all pay the price! 

Why would anyone join Mark Zuckerberg's Cryptocurrency scheme?

I think cryptocurrencies may indeed be part of the future, especially because governments around the world have destroyed the value of their currencies. (And it is only going to get worse with time).. However, why would I get a cryptocurrency backed by some creepy authoritarian mastermind like Mark Zuckerberg? The whole point of cryptocurrencies is to move beyond centralized control. Zuckerberg will fail.

Hong Kongers are not bowing down to Communist China

Hong Kongers are not bowing down to communist China. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡­πŸ‡° Two million Hong Kong protesters -- in a city of 7 million -- took to the streets to say no to extradition to communist China. Hong Kongers are fiercely independent, and we should stand with them.