Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Has World War III Begun?

Mark Levin famously asserted that World War III has begun.  We happen to agree with this view.  Of course, fighting the Islamofascist enemy, which is an ideology, will be different from the way wars have been fought against the axis powers.  However, we have to admit that militant, theocratic-Islam is a worldwide movement, is very ideological, and appears to be a war that is infecting every part of the planet.  Most of the leaders in the West do not seem able to handle this war very well.  A lot of leaders, including President Obama, do not even wish to identify the enemy.  (How can you win a war when you refuse to name your enemy?  Answer: you can't).  This war is likely to last a long time.  Most citizens in Western nations don't even realize what is going on because most leaders refuse to identify the enemy (Islamofascism).   Well, I believe that over the long-run, eventually a leader steps up and addresses a problem.  The right person will indeed show up.

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