Thursday, July 02, 2015

Should the Democrat Party be banned?

The Democrat Party is the party of tyranny.  This is a very difficult concept to portray to the American people, however, because people have the perspective that a political party in America that gets nearly 50% of the vote can't actually be a malevolent organization that is oriented towards destroying the American culture.  People just have this perspective that it is impossible for America to have an anti-American socialist party really hates contempt for its own voters.  But it does.  The Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and crappy government-schools for millions of Americans.

Ann Coulter recently suggested that America should ban the Democrat Party.  People do not have the right to enslave others, but that is exactly what the Democrat Party seeks to do to all of us.  They want more laws, more regulations, and more control over what we, as individuals, are permitted to do.  They believe that more laws and controls will mean that we will do what the central authorities at the Democrat Party want us to do.

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  1. Many can said what won, but for what I experience, what I see and read, ban Dems party only? must be much more, in a level how discriminate, racist, promote violence, ignore Laws and broke, must need call criminal association Party (CAP), how discriminate whites and older senior, how damage,don't care if a senior finish in a street and die, but for another yes are help, I am one case, 67, male and disable, no any help. In reality Dems liberal believe or not are evil soldier a only won are damage, destroy, hate, attack religion, set in danger all American, and not confuce all Dems are alike, pure evil. I won a live for see how Dems be will loose and how be will paid for revenge. Liberals are natural born kill blood, abortion are murder and murder, nothing relate to woman right, need feed Satan with all opposite God.Any where are in power, start all racial and racist thing and peoples die. Why we must let Dems political representation? if majority are opposite Dems? when not respect any Law and manipulate Laws and broke? no any politician who not respect any Laws can be in a power.


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