Tuesday, November 03, 2015

54% of Los Angeles' residents speak a language other than English at home. Huge failure!

Diversity does not work.  Look around the world: anytime there are differences of culture within a given geographical area, you will find civil war, riots, discrimination, social tension, and other problems.  I am not talking about “diversity of race.”  I am talking culture.  One example of too much diversity is the fact that 54% of Los Angeles’s residents speak  a language other than English at home.  How can an American city exist as an American city when a majority of its residents speak some language other than English?  How does that work?  One example of this failure is anyone who has followed any news about the Los Angeles Unified School District.  LAUSD suffers from high dropout rates, poor academic standards, violent schools, an out of control bureaucracy, and other failures.  Part of this problem is the fact a large number of the students are illegal aliens and are literally have no stake in the American system whatsoever.  They don’t speak English at home (or perhaps outside the home!), and thus, there is no chance that they will ever achieve success in America.  America must stand for something.  People need to speak English, and the vast majority of Americans need to speak English at home.  We cannot be 100 tiny countries in one city.  Trust me, that won’t end well.  

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