Tuesday, October 25, 2005

America Should Torture Sub-Human Islamic Terrorists

There is a lot of talk in Washington about codifying certain rules against torturing Islamic terrorists held in U.S. custody. It is strange that we are even hearing about this story. I do not think that most Americans take much time during their day to concern themselves with the U.S.' treatment of savage Islamic terrorists. Quite the contrary, I would say that it is natural, and even healthy, to wish these individuals harm. Life typically operates under the principal of treating others as one would like to be treated. Such a policy makes sense most of the time, but makes little, if any, sense with the terrorists: the terrorists would never reciprocate and honor such a policy. They consider such policies a signal of "weakness"--a signal that we cannot fight fire with fire. Further, when we torture terrorists, it is not because they are infidels and sub-human savage Islamic fundamentalists, but rather because torturing these wicked beasts may lead to intelligence data that can be immediately used to fight terrorists around the world. Torturing Islamic terrorists would not place U.S. servicemen and women in harms way because we are highly unlikely to ever attack a civilized nation that agrees with the Geneva Convention. The U.S. only goes to war against savage beasts. These savages should be tortured in the most painful method possible to extract information from them. We should also publicize such video to areas of the world where terrorist savages congregate (essentially where the Muslims reside)--as a signal of deterence. Further, we ought to state that we will no longer support these terrorists' religious practices. Their Koran ought to be confiscated and instead they should be given Bibles. You don't see any Christian terrorists, do you? Secondly, they will be fed pork, and if they do not eat it, they will be force-fed. If we in the West continue to proclaim the false lie that these terrorists are not true "Muslims," then we should provide these individuals with Muslim-friendly meals, or carpets, or Korans, or show them where Mecca is.

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