Friday, October 21, 2005

Illegal Immigration

If there's one thing that makes me angry lately, it is the rapid rise in wanton foreign invading Mexican illegal aliens. As the number of illegal aliens rises, I predict that there will be a rise in racism against Mexicans, perhaps properly so, especially since the population will believe that such individuals do not respect the sovereingty of the United States and are thus less trustworthy in other civil and criminal matters.

  • The illegal alien problem is pressing and urgent: Los Angeles schools are overcrowding to the max; Mexican gang members are engagnging in domestic terrorism everyday, and we're doing nothing to deport such individuals.
  • We need to send the Mexican illegal aliens back because their cultural attributes are not Western and they do not hold our values. Mexican majority cities are dirty, do not maintain the same standards as other cities do, and their school systems are dysfunctional.

  • Further, as Mexican illegal aliens become a larger part of the population, corporations will not hold to the same high standards as they once did since they will actually cater to the tastes and wishes of Mexican illegal alien nationals -- people with whom do not hold to the same high standards that assimiliated Westerners do. It has taken a long time to develop certain Western values in the United States.

  • We cannot continue as a great nation if the individuals coming across the border each day illegally subscribe to inferior third-world nation's values, which Mexico certainly is. Since corporations follow consumer preferences, corporate standards will only remain high so long as its customers maintain high standards. Mexican nationals are used to a lower level for quality and standards for products and services. These lowered expectations could effect corporate behavior to the detriment of U.S. citizens.This is a time period when draconian laws are necessary to protect the national security of the United States.

  1. Some civil liberties of illegal aliens may have to be curtailed. I would support banning Mexican civil rights organizations from enganging in any political action since such organizations are likely facilitators of treason against the United States.
  • We should prohibit the sale or purchase or Spanish language newspapers,
  • ban licenses for Spanish-language television or radio programming.-
  • We should build the wall around the United States and Mexico as high as possible with barbed wire and the national army ready to shoot any invaders.-
  • We should impose taxes on these wire transactions to Mexico at a rate of 45% to 60% at all banks, wire transfer facilities, bank cashing facilities. This would reduce the amount of money that is sent back to Mexico that props up that corrupt country.-
  • Employers ought to be fined $50,000 per day, per illegal alien worker, along with all profits derived from hiring an illegal alien over an American citizen, permanent resident, or other valid visa.
  • - Illegal aliens should not be provided any healthcare (even if they are able to pay), education, or any other welfare benefit.- All property owned by an illegal alien shall be transferred, without compensation, to the Department of Homeland Security.--
  • Further, we need to counter the immigration from Mexico with immigrants from nations that do subscribe to our values. As a result, I, as a future Congressman, would allow for an unlimited number of immigrants (and provide them with very rapid citizenship) from the following nations: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, England (Muslims will be excluded), New Zealand, and Japan.

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