Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote for the Patriotic Party: Republican.

Fellow Patriots:
Tomorrow, Americans from New York to Hawaii will be voting in the most consequential election in our lifetime. As far as I am concerned, tomorrow is a vote on whether the United States will continue to lead the world as a force for good and democracy, or cut and run and raise taxes to pay for public benefits for criminal, disease-infested illegal aliens.

This has been the third national election since September 11th.

My memory of that fateful day has not faded because I have intentionally watched videos of individuals jumping to their deaths from the World Trade Center at least once per week! As a result, my anger still remains. I want to kill the enemy. I refuse to forget what happened. Some Americans scoff and even laugh at the idea that some people continue to focus on how important that day was in turns of showing that we were not prepared for the enemy. The enemy has shown himself. The question is whether we, the people, who get the chance to show how serious of a people we are, are willing to actually confront the enemy. To those who wish to confront and kill the enemy, and ensure that future generations of Americans will not be Islamic, I urge you to vote Republican on every race on the ballot, including for county garbage collector. Simply put, the Democrats have not shown that they are a patriotic party. They are an evil, backward, socialistic, and treasonous party. I'll see you all after our revolution, where we shall plan our continued efforts to pass pro-American legislation, such as more tax cuts, more funding on defense, and reforming our schools through vouchers.

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