Sunday, December 16, 2007

Democrats Engage in Treason and Adopt Terrorist Bill of Rights

Democrats in Congress have decided to take sides in the war against terrorism.

The only problem is that Democrats have decided to take the side of the terrorists.

The House of Representatives voted to outlaw a highly effective interrogation technique known as waterboarding. Congress basically said that even if this technique can save millions of American lives by bringing about highly relevant and useful knowledge of the enemy's plans, it is still outlawed. That is an outrage. I do not care at all about the rights of terrorists, and I am outraged that Congress has spent even one minute on creating a Terrorist Bill of Rights.

Personally, I have no opposition to torturing terrorists if there is even merely a theoretical possibility that this will extract useful information. We live in a dangerous world in which terrorists are attacking Western (and even non-Western) capitals across the globe. To take one of the most useful tools out of the glove box and announce this to our enemies is nothing sort of treason.

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