Friday, March 14, 2008

Young people should vote for John McCain, not Obama.

It is, of course, depressing to see the enthusiasm among the youth for Obama. Why? Well, mainly because Obama is attracting the youth vote without trying hard. How does Obama get the youth vote? With endless speeches using empty words like 'change' and 'hope.' Well, I don't need that. And Obama's policies are actually anti-youth. Who works? The young, of course. But Obama intends to increase the tax rate of the young while he intends to decrease the taxes of the elderly! How is that pro-youth? That is insanity! Yet, 71-year old John McCain is far more pro-youth in that he wants to allow us to place our Social Security earnings in a private account and he does not want to increase our taxes. Thus, the youth in America should vote for McCain, not Obama.

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