Thursday, September 11, 2008

President Bush deserves credit for keeping us safe.

America must never forget September 11, 2001. This was not the beginning of a war against radical Islam, but rather, a long continuation of a war by radical Islamists against the West. As much as Bill Clinton claims that the 1990s were a time period of "peace," in reality, it was a time of war, but one in which we were continously hit and failed to respond. This only further emboldened our enemies.

The response to September 11--against Afghanistan, the sanctuary for Osama bin Ladin, and against Iraq (which has been the cause célèbre for the terrorists), has proven to be a remarkable success. "Success," of course, is defined by an absence of terrorism on U.S. soil. Since September 11, there has not been another major terrorist attack on U.S. soil. This is not due to a conversion of radical Islamists. They still hate us. And they still would do us harm. But the fact that they have been unable to, despite their intentions, suggests that whatever counter measures that President Bush has implemented have served the objective well. President Bush deserves kudos on this seventh anniversary of the radical Islamic war against the West, and specifically, the United States of America.


  1. Are you fucking retarded? President George W. "Bushwacker" Bush deserves credit for keeping us safe? Are you fuckin kidding me? Republicans like you are the reason this country is so fucked up. I guess you probably believe that $4.50 is a great price to pay for gas too, huh? What the fuck is wrong with you dumb asses? This is why America is how it is today. War is great, isnt't it? I love to hear how our troops are dying for a bullshit war abot some fake ass oil bit. And if you dont get that, I meant that sarcasticly. I figured I would make that clear because obviously if you think Bush it great then you probably cant understand regular thinking. I just want you to know that if you think that Bush is why you are safe, witch you are not, then you officially deserve to be fucking killed. Because yes, you are that dumb. If you cant agree with this, then you do deserve to be killed by ignorant, hodge, camel riding terrorists. Fuck you and have a nice day. WHITE AMERICA!!!!

  2. happy blame bill clinton day

  3. it's your opinion, however i totally disagree. we are in more danger than ever.

  4. To your first commenter on this topic, he is the true idiot. Let’s set our way back machine to when Obama said, “ I don’t mind increases in gas prices as long it is incremental.” Um, I have a problem with that. Secondly it wasn’t the republicans who blocked drilling. It was the Libs and Clinton. Clinton said, “Drilling now is useless because it would take ten years to achieve results.” Well imagine that! Here we are ten years later and we would have had more supply if it wasn’t for another Lib moron. Under the Republican congress gas was $1.74 a gallon and went up to $2.10. Under Nancy (Stretch no leading the House) Pelosi gas has gone from 2.10 to 3.99 in ¼ the time. President Bush reversed the executive ban on drilling and prices in just a short time dropped for fear the U.S. was going to flood the world with supply. Speculation works both ways unless regulation gets in the way. That’s where the democrats hate America Theme comes in. The Libs like to save caribou where caribou don’t even exist (ANWR). I have been stationed in Alaska and I have witnessed the thriving caribou population due to the pipeline. How soon we Libs forget that facts are facts. Emotion is a terrible thing to put trust in but if you can’t stand facts because they regurgitate truth in your face then hey you make a great Liberal.


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