Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why we love America

Why do we, in contrast to the Democrats, love America? America is a nation that was founded upon the principles of liberty. It is in America that the Constitution specifically limits the power of the federal government. This shows that the Founders had a particularly keen insight into human nature (and all of its history) and the fact that it is the natural state of human affairs for the government to grow and for individual liberty to recede. We conservatives/objectivists do not "hate" the government. Rather, we believe that America's government ought to be limited to a few enumerated areas, such as a court system to settle disputes between individuals -- and to be adjudicated according to objective laws; a military to protect against foreign invaders who would abridge the individual rights of American citizens; and to set national laws in areas that are specifically federal in nature, such as immigration, patents, copyrights, etc, etc. The fact that the federal government is limited in its powers only to a few areas enables citizens to have the maximum opportunity to hold their elected representatives accountable and for liberty to flourish. For instance, if a citizen of state A is not happy with the laws of state A, he can take steps to vote out the representatives of his state or move to state B, where the laws are more to his liking. However, when the federal government passes laws that one might not like, one has no means of escaping these bad laws.

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