Friday, September 04, 2009

Government-run health care is NOT compassionate.

The idea that government-run health care is "compassionate" is refuted by the fact that people who live in countries where the government runs the health care market only have access to a waiting list. Why is it that those in Canada who truly need treatment trade their waiting list for the US system, even after they have paid a fortune in taxes for their "free" health care in Canada? Government-run health care leads to rationing, and rationing eventually leads to death panels. How is that compassionate? I don't want to be a statistic on a government budget. There are ways to reduce health care costs in America: a) allow Americans to buy health insurance from companies in all fifty states; b) tort reform: stop frivolous lawsuits; c) shift tax bias from employer- to consumer- health insurance; d) eliminate health insurance mandates.

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