Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Congratulations to Republican Sen-elect Scott Brown

Congratulations to Republican Sen-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts for his election victory, ensuring that he will be the 41st Republican in the United States Senate.  The fact that Massachusetts, which is a solidly Democrat state, voted to send a Republican to the Senate, shows that the people are rising up against the authoritarian Democrats in Congress.  Voters have said no to Democrats by electing Republican Governors in Virginia and New Jersey, and now, by electing a Republican Senator to represent Massachusetts.  

The people of Massachusetts strongly oppose government-run health care. Only 36% of Massachussetts voters supported ObamaCare.  Philosophically, the Democrats' statist objectives run counter to human nature, which is to pursue one's own rational self-interest to find happiness in life.  The Democrats reject the Declaration of Independence statement that the objective of government is to protect "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  Instead, Democrats believe that the objective of government is to control the population through the confiscation of their wealth and through regulations directing them to act in a certain way or face penalties.

Sen-elect Scott Brown ran on a platform opposing government redistribution of wealth masquerading as fiscal "stimulus."  Scott Brown articulated the evil nature of taking the wealth from citizens and redistributing it to other individuals or organizations (i.e., bank bailouts).  He supported private property rights by stating that private Catholic hospitals have the right to manage their own hospital and develop their own policies, without government involvement.   Not surprisingly, Scott Brown opposes a federal government-run health care system, and he will now vote in favor of a filibuster to stop further socialization of our health care industry.

Scott Brown also has shown the folly of global warming and will vote against cap and tax.  The idea of of punishing the producers of energy, with the intention of creating energy shortages, rationing, and price hikes, seems like a suicidal energy policy.  We look forward to seeing Sen-elect Scott Brown being a passionate defender of liberty here in the United States.

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  1. First off, fuck you Kami for wasting my time with these links. Second, to Michael. Massachusetts already has a state-run public health care system. Your douche butt boy brown voted for it as a state legislator. Bank bailouts aka TARP were implemented under Bush (you're stupid by the way). And you're mixing your Beck/Bachman/Limbaugh black president boogie-man talking points. What exactly is Scott Brown against, the TARP, the stimulus, or both. And this whole-sale call that all Democrats reject the Declaration of Independence paints as an ignorant tea bagger that you are. Only capable of regurgitating FOX News vomit inducing detritus that you and your Ayn Rand ilk are known for. Maybe even more than your blatant lack of knowledge of what's actually in the Declaration. A quote here would suffice "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed". As I recall, Democrats were democratically elected by a majority. Stop cherry picking shit to suit your own vision of the world.


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