Friday, February 18, 2011

Democrats have contempt for America

Democrats have utter contempt for the voters who elect them.  This week, Barack Obama’s organization, “Organize for America,” is taking efforts to organize thousands of union thugs to bully the state legislature and the Republican governor of Wisconsin from passing the modest rule that union members pay more for their own health care and retirement benefits.  Imagine that—asking union members to pay for their own benefits!  They don’t want to pay for it.  They want citizens to pay for these benefits instead of themselves. 


  1. The hypocrisy and double-standards of the Democrats and Leftists have always been legendary. With BHO, this is the first time it has openly been practiced by the President. BHO promised so much; what we've gotten are new LOWs.
    You filthy, verminous, degenerate Democrites...

  2. The good news is that if we keep the greedy schools from having all the money they want to throw away on education, the next generation will be mostly Republican.


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