Saturday, August 27, 2011

“Article 99” is a wake-up call against government-run health care

"Article 99" is an amazing field precisely because it comes from Hollywood, which has said for years that government-run health care is some sort of utopia.  The film, however, shows a different story.  The film shows the inhumane, bureaucratic-focus of health care when administered by a government agency.  Patients come last and are considered merely numbers.  Doctors are not permitted to consider the needs of their patients.  Rather, patients (in this case veterans) receive sub-standard, rationed care.  This movie is a wake up call, and proves that government-run health care is not about health care, but about government power.  Government-run health care must be opposed, including for veterans.  Rather than run this terrible VA system, veterans should receive vouchers to shop for health care on the free-market.

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