Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama advances totalitarian agenda against Catholic church

When I grew up, the president of the United States did not have the authority to demand that the Catholic church (or any other private entity) to provide employment compensation benefits that violate their sincerely held religious principles.  Of course, Obama hates America, and the Catholic church.  The purpose of issuing such a rule was designed to create a situation where the Catholic church would lose its moral authority by offering something that they tell their parishioners should not be used. As a result, why would any Catholic trust anything they said if the church could no longer stand by their own moral beliefs?  Some have said that Obama recently “compromised” on this issue, but that’s not true.  Obama has not retracted on his principle that he has the power to order a church to advance the state’s ideology. 


  1. When my parents were growing up, America was the "freedom land". And now Republicans want to make America religious. Catholic, to be exact because like Michele Bachmann, they can't stand freedom of religion. The founding fathers wanted a secular government; religion separate from government.
    I'm guessing you support Bush. The Republican who put America in this mess, that my generation has the deal with?
    Thank you so much for not looking at the whole picture and not researching more.

  2. When my grandparents came here from Sicily and Greece, there were plenty of jobs here, thinks weren't expensive, people could afford to get by. My grandparents also learned the value of saving when they lived through the Depression.

    Now the liberal GIVE ME generation came in, created NAFTA, shipped away all the jobs, spent every penny America had from its revenues, and even more on top of that, created years and years of debt to come.

    You know, most Catholics are Republicans. That doesn't mean they try to force their beliefs on everybody. What we don't like is when liberals try to force us to accept homosexuals, or accept abortion, or accept other sick and unnatural things.

    Also, other reasons why liberals hate America are not religious. Look at the Second Amendment. Show me where in there it says anything about "regulation" other than a well-organized militia? How do you have a militia without a well-armed citizenry? Regulation of the militias by the government entirely defeats the purpose of the Second Amendment.

    Or take the First Amendment. You guys are all for free speech when it's burning flags, but against it when Fox News voices their opinions. What they sell their opinions off as doesn't matter. What matters is that they have a right to present their views.

    Or Voter ID laws. You guys whine and complain about things being unfair when Al Gore lost to Bush, but turn the other cheek so that illegal aliens can vote without proving citizenship.

    The Republican who put America in this mess? Oh yeah I forgot - liberals also suffer from Blame Bush Syndrome (aka BBS). Barack Obama has increased the national debt and the budget deficit more than any other President IN HISTORY! Remove head from rear, then use brain.

    The guy is not even a citizen of the United States. He probably WAS born here, but as a dual-citizen of the US and Kenya. When his mother moved to Indonesia where Barack attended school, he was required to be a full citizen of Indonesia, therefore would have given up his US citizenship. And to date, he has not gone through ANY kind of a naturalization process, thus meaning he is not a legal resident of the United States and ineligible to be President.

    He is also a stone cold racist who attended a Black Liberation Theology church in Chicago for 20 years.

    The Founding Fathers wanted a place where anybody could freely exercise their religion. Nowhere in the First Amendment does it say anything about religion in government except for no laws honoring a religious institution and no laws which prohibit religion.

    Liberals hate America and are 75% to blame for today's $hittyness here. The other 25% I would blame on Reagan's deregulation of the banking industry as well as the other bought and paid for members of our government.

    We need to get leaders like Eisenhower, JFK and Richard Nixon again - who actually gave a crap about America.

  3. Let's also not forget that Obama's head of the DOJ - Eric Holder - is also in the hot seat for handing weapons to the Mexican drug cartels - and then lied about it under oath. I don't see how he still has a job today unless Obama is just a complete idiot or has something to hide and Holder is in on it.


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