Monday, November 14, 2016

Leftist mobs funded by Soros protest against democracy.

Unlike the leftist mobs who are protesting around the country, we happen to believe America is truly a special place that has secured individual rights for its citizens.  We do not understand the mob mentality that has resulted in cry baby snowflakes protesting an election that has taken place and is now final.  Also, why would someone protest with Mexican flags!?  This isn't Mexico!  

America is a place where, if you have a specific plan and have certain talents, you can get quite far.  People come from all over the world because this is the one place on earth where you are able to make your dreams reality.  However, America needs the right set of policies if it is to remain strong, vibrant, and wealthy.  Leftist schemes like Obamacare are not part of the American tradition.  Americans do not like laws passed in the middle of the night that change the entire nature of our how system of government is going to operate.

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