Tuesday, May 16, 2017

California wastes money when Republican wins White House

I noticed a pattern in California recently. Since 2000, every time a Republican wins the presidency, California has to waste a lot of money for some political point. For instance, after the 2000 election, California spent a lot of money creating electronic touchscreen voting machines. Over time, election officials realized that these machines could be hacked and the state of California decertified these election machines. In 2004, California spent billions on stem cell research because President Bush was against taxpayer use of this research. No discoveries have been made as a result of this money. Fast forward to today: President Trump wants to deport illegal aliens, so California will spend millions on defense attorneys to represent illegal aliens. The end result is that probably 100% of the people will still be deported, but they will have had attorneys! California politicians love to throw money down the drain.

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