Friday, February 15, 2019

Congressman Ted Lieu of Beverly Hills Upset President Trump Will Take away Cheap Nannies

U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu is upset that President Trump declared a national emergency, which will allow him to divert funds towards building the wall on the southern border.  Mr. Lieu is extremely upset about this.  "This might stop the flow of cheap labor to the United States.  What will my constituents in Beverly Hills do when they cannot get cheap nannies and gardeners?"

Ted Lieu has not shown any anger about Americans killed by illegal aliens.  "Frankly, those aren't my constituents.  My constituents live behind armed palaces.  And Angel Families don't write political checks so why should I listen to them?"  Angel Moms are families who have been victims of illegal immigration, including sons, daughters, moms and dads who have been killed, raped, or brutalized by illegal aliens.   But illegal aliens are an important source of labor for wealthy Beverly Hills Democrats.  "My constituents don't want to hire Americans because they cost too much.  It is much better to have a constant flow of illegal aliens who work under the table.  And my constituents give me a lot of campaign contributions to keep this going."

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