Friday, July 12, 2019

If tuition is so high, how come no one steals it?

a library at a universityThere are plenty of stories of people stealing beer and alcohol from the supermarket. At many markets, I've noticed that any alcohol worth more than $20 is locked behind glass. I've even seen supermarket security run after people who stole alcohol from the market. Tuition at Harvard is $47,730. Considering how "valuable" this education is, how come we aren't seeing tons of people sneaking into Harvard classes to get this valuable insight for free? Shouldn't there be security at the entrance of every class to ensure that people aren't trying to "steal" a Harvard education?

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  1. The piece of paper that says they went to an Ivy League school is what opens doors for them, not the education itself. So, sneaking in doesn't mean anything -- not that they'd have to. Half of Ivy League schools offer open courseware, free online -- meaning that you can download videos of classes, assignments, tests, etc. Having viewed these courses online from various colleges, I have to say that the Ivy League education that they have to offer isn't that impressive. It comes across like a name brand, more than anything. Harvard is the Prada bag of education. You could pay half as much for something of equal quality. You just wouldn't have the name, which is all that matters to many people. -- Here's a free Harvard education, for all it's worth:


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