Monday, September 05, 2005

Democrats Hate America

Welcome to Democrats Hate America, where we discuss the truth of the Democratic Party. We believe that Democrats and Republicans are not equally patriotic. We firmly believe that, when comparing the patriotism of Republican and Democratic members and elected representatives, Republicans come out ahead. Further, we believe that Democratic officeholders are a significant threat to our nation because they do not understand, nor do they seek to understand, the terrorist threat that must be dealt with.

President George W. Bush has done an incredible job of securing this nation and we are proud that he is the commander of chief. We believe that if John F. Kerry were president, he would not understand how to properly treat terrorism as an act of war rather than a common, garden-variety criminal act.

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  1. You are an offensive clod. Get a life buddy. You are the hater, not democrats. I hope your are struck by a bus crossing the street.


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