Thursday, September 29, 2005

Democrats Wanted These High Gas Prices

The Democrats really aren't upset that the gas prices are high. Sure, we are well aware that Democrats have publicly protested higher gas prices. Right now there are secret conversations taking place right now among the Democratic faithful, most of which is glee over the high gas prices. High gas prices push the poor off the road, which makes driving far more manageable for Beverly Hills Democrats. We recently looked at the gas stations in Beverly Hills and we were unable to see any substantial harm from the gas prices. Business is going on as usual.

We will do our best to try to obtain top-secret Democratic memos showing that they intended for these high gas prices all along. It is one reason why they stopped the building of new refiners; drilling for new oil; and other common sense efforts to explore for more oil. After all, the Democrats hate this country, and the best way to harm it is by raising the cost of energy, which effects every transaction on the marketplace. We wonder if Osama bin Ladin has sent a check to the Democratic Party recently.

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  1. You'll never generate any outrage being this obvious.


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