Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann Coulter has once again published the truth about liberalism, which has caused the normal knee-jerk reactionism from the Angry Left.

Ann Coulter has once again published the truth about liberalism, which has caused the normal knee-jerk reactionism from the Angry Left. In general, when someone says something that is truthful, but also happens to be quite harsh and negative, there usually is a flurry of attacks against the truth messenger. (For instance, if someone referred to this author as a “crooked garbage man,” he would likely laugh as he is neither crooked nor a garbage man). However, when Ann Coulter said that liberalism is a religion, this really upset the liberals because they know that this happens to be truthful.

The worst part of liberalism is the taxation policy. In most parts of the world, politicians have recognized that in order to be competitive, tax rates need to be reduced. In America, though, anytime this is tried, the Democratic Party states that this only “benefits the rich.” In some Catholic churches, parishioners cry and bow down to Jesus and his mother, Mary. Democrats, though, scream “tax cuts for the rich”—every time a tax cut is proposed—even though middle-class families overwhelmingly support lower taxes. However, Democrats are terrible at debating skills, largely because they are used to chanting among their fellow parishioners in their church, the Democratic Party. As a result, few are able to actually articulate how tax cuts benefit the rich. Further, many of them are baffled by how the U.S. federal treasury has actually received more tax revenue after a tax cut than before. Of course, religious views should be taken upon faith, not evidence.


  1. Hi,
    I found you through Sage's blog.
    First of all, I would like to make it clear that the greatest thing about America is "Freedom of Speech" whether it is popular or not.
    Now I just want to tell you that Democrats shouldn't be generalized because they are not all the same. Also Republicans shouldn't be generalized either because they are not all the same. There are democrats that proudly hang the American flag properly, without burning it; believe in the right to bear arms, and are pro-life. They can be right, and they can be wrong. There are republicans that support same-sex marriage, don't believe in the death penalty, and are pro-choice. They can be right, and they can be wrong.
    I am not trying to tell you that you're wrong because I know that what you post on your blog is your opinion. I'm just helping you to open your eyes because the world is not black and white, there are many shades of grey.
    Here's another way to look at this, democrats aren't all blue, and republicans aren't all red, in between those two colors is the shade of purple, which both republicans and democrats can be.
    If you think that I am wrong, feel free to tell me, I can take it! After all, this is a free country.

  2. The problem with that skeleton with bad extensions isn't that she attacked liberalism. It is that she is such a vicious calculating disaster of a human being that the only way she could drum up some press for herself is to attack people who were victims of terrorism.

    Healthy debate on issues is good. Disagree with someone's policy ideas and disgaree with their beliefs, combat them with facts.

    You say tax cuts are good and have evidence to prove it. As an open minded individual I have to at least look at your evidence before dismissing it.

    Ann Coulter is just an opportunist looking to profit off something you care about. She doesn't care about what you care about. She cares about money and fame and will do anything to get either.

    She is a media whore. You should be ashamed to have her in your corner. Her sort of infantile, "look at me," tantrum style anti-journalism is an embarassment to humanity and drains credibility from your cause.

    Thanks for reading my blog and submitting a comment. You are welcome back anytime.

    No 1 of Consequence

  3. I completely agree. I never thought much about the Democrats or their false statement that they care about America. Since when did the Democrats ever do anything for me? Never. They never did anything.


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