Monday, June 12, 2006

The Democratic "Values" Debate. (Ha).

It is a bit humorous to watch Democrats seek "values voters." Do the Democrats even know what a values voter is? The Democrats have their own "values voters"--but these voters have little to do in common with the Republican "values voter."

The Democrats have their own values.

The Democrats value abortion as a fundamental human right. In fact, abortion providers are the only business that the Democrats actually love. The Democrats oppose any regulation on abortion providers. There is no other industry that Democrats wouldn't hesitate to support new regulations.

The Democrats think that the IRS is the best institution of the government, and that taxes should be much higher. There is a value in paying as much taxes as one can to the government. That is a Democratic value.

The Democrats value people who do not work. They do not value people who do work and pay taxes (and thus vote for the other party).

The Democrats value failure. That is why they subsidize government schools and the post office.

The Democrats value outright racist malcontents such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Democrats value marriage, so long as homosexuals are the ones marrying.

The Democrats value terrorists--because terrorists, it is assumed, give Democrats a reason to gripe and complaine about what is going on.

The Democrats value the worthless UN institution and believe that the UN should be in charge of our security.
Let's see who will win the values contest.

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