Monday, November 17, 2008

Democrats fail at running government-run education bureacracy in LA.

Government-run LAUSD is by far one of the largest failures in government enterprises. According to the nonpartisan publication education week, the graduation rate at LAUSD is less than 44% after four years! This means that a majority of students do not graduate from LAUSD! Have you ever heard of a business that has a failure rate of more than 50%? Most businesses have a failure rate less significantly less than 1%!

As a result, I was pleased to hear that government-run LAUSD will have budget cuts possibly in the amount of $400 million. Why? Well, where does that $400 million come from? It comes from the private efforts of those within the productive and successful parts of the economy, who are forced, through the point of a gun, to turn over their earnings to the failed enterprise known as LAUSD.

It will be a good day in America when the government finally accepts defeat and withdraws from the business of indoctrinating (err-educating) America's school children. To improve education, government support for education must end so that the private sector can work.

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