Monday, November 24, 2008

Illegal alien UCLA student protests budget cuts. This is not a story from the Onion, but rather in the LA Times.

There's a funny story in the LA Times. But not for the reasons that one typically considers a story funny. The story is about UC funding cuts to education. It quotes an 18-year-old "undocumented student from Peru" (in other words, an illegal alien, one who is not authorized to be in the nation) who "asked how she was supposed to finish her studies if tuition keeps rising." She's quoted as saying, ""Tell me," she said, "how I'm supposed to do that. Please!"

Yes, I will tell you, Sofia Campos. First, as the story says, you're an undocumented student--in other words, an illegal alien. You are not supposed to be here, so I highly recommend that you leave. Go back to Peru, and then apply to come back to the US legally (although I would prefer that you remain in Peru: your habits are certainly not in keeping with the American spirit). Second, you are living in a free country: perhaps if you spent less time protesting, you would go out and find a way to earn a living. Do something. Stop complaining.

Third, why do you think it is up to other individuals within the nation to pay your tuition? They don't care about your education: but you do. You're the one who benefits, so you should pay for it. It is time to show some independence and find a way to pay for things on your own. Grow up--and stop being a whiner. Fourth, tell me, Sofia Campos, how can the taxpayers of California continue to fund more and more demands for government, to the point in which the state is nearly bankrupt trying to fulfill your requests (the state budget deficit is now $24 billion)? Where are you when taxes go up? You probably are not among those who are screaming about how costs are going up. Stop being selfish, Sofia Campos of the world, and look out for yourself, and stop demanding that another person live for your sake. No one wants to be your slave.


  1. You think it's fair that she had no say in coming to the US and now that she's lived here practically all her life she should be forced to leave. The fact that she attends UCLA shows that she is bright and deserves the opportunity to continue her education and pursue the career of her choice. And stop being selfish? She has been having to pay for college on her own. Where do you think she's going to get the money from? The government is allowed to take money from undocumented persons but they are not allowed receive any money from the government. How is that fair?

    And by the way just to let you know, first of all she came here legally when she was young, she's grown up here and has been waiting for her visa to get renewed but the system is so screwed up that along with so many others she is still waiting. And how is fighting for your rights not the American spirit? Second of all she has been working, and all the money she makes has to be used for her school. Third of all What do you think she has been doing? Where do you think she's going to get money from? She has to work (somehow find a job) and pay for college on her own. She can't get loans and she has to work harder than most college students because of her situation. Fourth of all legalizing these students would improve the economy because there would be an increase in smart professional who benefit the country. This girl has grown up in this country and proved that she is a responsible adult who would do nothing but benefit this country. It is wrong and unfair that the place where she was born and grown up is now all of a sudden turning their back on her. She has worked hard her entire life and is now being punished for something she had no say in many years ago when she was brought to this country.
    Stop being ignorant and next time do some more research before writing about an issue that you don't fully understand.

  2. I do not really care where this particular student gets her money to pay for college. She should not be attending UCLA to begin with because she is not legally entitled to be here. She is 'undocumented,' which is usually a euphemism for illegal alien (which means that the person's very presence in the country is a criminal offense). It is fair for the government, which is responsive to citizens, and not foreigners, to favor its own citizens in terms of the creation of its laws, which are intended for the self-interest of the Americans who live in the United States.

    There is no evidence to suggest that the economy would improve as a result of "legalizing" the illegal alien student population. If we need more foreigners with high skills, we could easily do so by expanding the number of H1B Visas to individuals who are willing to comply with the law and already have the necessary skills, education, and experience to handle advanced occupations. I do favor lifting the cap on the H1B visas, as Canada has done.

  3. I don't want Sofia to go back to Peru. She seems like a nice young person, and her UCLA degree is worth a lot--not just here but everywhere in the world. I'd rather have her stay here with her family and friends, and with her degree that she can put to use to create more jobs for everyone, specifically in America.

    Also, just wanted to point out that many undocumented people pay taxes too. All of them pay property taxes, sales taxes, etc. but many also pay income taxes--IRS gives anyone an ITIN number which lets them file taxes. Undocumented people just can't receive any of the benefits (social security, etc.). Google it and check it out on the IRS website. It's similar to how undocumented people in California can't get a driver's license but they can buy the car and the insurance to go with it.

    I agree with you when you say we should stop complaining. Instead, let's throw out ideas on how we can make our country work better, Let's come together and do something positive in and for our communities. Let's not treat each other like slaves. Thanks for that!


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