Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obama's Oppression

Sometimes we feel as though we are no longer in the United States of America. The greatness of America is that it is a nation that has a federal government with limited powers. Our Constitution does not grant the federal government unlimited power to do whatever it wishes. Rather, the federal government is limited only to protecting individual rights. Individual rights are another way of referring to liberty. However, we are seeing that these limits placed upon the federal government have steadily eroded over time.

We presently have a federal government that wants to intervene in every aspect of American life. Think about what starts in the beginning of the day: you eat breakfast, turn on the TV, and drive to work. Well, in every one of those areas, the government wants to intervene and change the way you live. First, the government wants to radically change your diet. It's hard to get Nancy Pelosi to come to your house to tell you what to eat, so the best way is by making certain foods more expensive so that you'd be forced to buy less expensive foods. Ostensibly, this means taxing "junk food," but it is not hard to conceive of Congress expanding far beyond this to coffee, beef, salt, etc, etc. Secondly, turning on your TV to catch the news will be far more expensive because the people in Congress have a hypersensitive and paranoid view of rising temperatures, which causes them to have the arrogant view that they, the United States Congress, actually have control over global temperature. (This actually reminds me of a documentary I rented recently. It was a documentary about pre-historic man. During one part of the documentary, it referred to the fact that ancient man believed that he could change the weather by chanting to the "weather god." Isn't this very similar, only that this time, Congress wants to force you to pay alms to this "weather god"?) Thirdly, driving to work will certainly be a lot more difficult in the future since Congress wants to design the type of car that you should be driving, impose substantial taxes on gasoline to make it harder to drive to work, and also, to impose policies that will make driving more inconvenient. For instance, Congress wants to shift gas tax revenue away from highway construction towards mass transit, which will result in more congestion.

As Americans, we must remember that our Constitution does not grant Congress unlimited majority rule. Our Founders choose specifically to limit the extent of Congress's powers. No matter who wins an election, there are some things that politicians cannot do. Politicians are to write laws to protect our individual rights; their job is not to abridge our rights.

Further, while we still have the freedom to communicate, it is essential to get the word out and let your fellow citizens know what President Obama has in store for America. Obama does not believe that Americans should have individual rights. Instead, he wants to ration rights and distribute it to his political allies and oppress those who are not favorable to him. It is important that we remain vigilant and continue to shed light on the harmful ideas and policies that Obama continues to bring forward.

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