Monday, June 15, 2009

Stop President Obama's authoritarian health care schemes.

President Obama is trying to bully doctors into supporting his authoritarian health care proposals that would shift roughly 17% of the economy directly to Washington, D.C., to be decided by 535 elected officials and thousands of bureaucrats. The idea that this will improve health care is risible.

For routine, expected expenses, the best form of health care would be if the patient pays the physician directly, with no middle man (including insurance or the government). Thus, if you have a cold, and you want to visit a doctor, you should be able to shop around and determine who is going to charge the best rates. As the system would move towards a capitalist system, doctors would post their prices online and there even would be advertisements making their prices known. However, since doctors get most of their payments through third-parties--including both the government and insurance companies--most people are ignorant of the prices doctors charge, and doctors themselves have very little incentive to cut down costs to pass it along to patients.

Obama has the worst of the worst ideas. Rather than moving towards a system in which the patient pays the doctor directly, he wants the patient to pay taxes, which will be sent to D.C., wasted by hundreds of thoudsands of bureacrats, and then sent back to you with millions of strings attached in terms of how you can visit your doctor, when, how often, what type of treatment will be offered, and how and when your doctor will get paid. This will cause a nightmare. It is your job to oppose this. I am including a form letter that you can send to your member of Congress as well as both of your US Senators. I already sent my letter to them and now it is up to you to do your part. You can send a message to your Member of Congress by clicking here.

Here is the form letter that you may copy and paste and send it along to D.C.:

As your constituent, I urge you to oppose President Obama's health care schemes. Government-run health care does not work, and should be opposed.

I do not want the government to be in charge of health care. We have seen that the government-run systems in the UK and Canada do not work. Instead, I support private sector solutions such as deregulation, enabling citizens to buy health care policies from a company in any state, and to provide tax deductions for individuals to purchase coverage.

For these reasons, I strongly oppose President Obama's government-run health care ideas. I urge you to vote against these bills when they come for a vote in Congress.


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