Friday, October 30, 2009

Democrats want to ration health care, fund abortion.

The Democrats are trying to nationalize health care as soon as possible. And what is interesting is what they intend to fund with their 1,900 page monstrosity. Despite comments made by Democrats that the bill does not fund abortion, it does. We found the provision in the bill that does so:

10 ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary may award grants

[Editor's note: In other words, in the discretion of the Secretary of Health and Human Services]

11 to eligible entities for the purpose of establishing model
12 projects to accomplish the following goals:
3 ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—
4 ‘‘(A) DESCRIPTION.—A community-based
5 collaborative care network described in this sub6
section is a consortium of health care providers
7 with a joint governance structure that provides
8 a comprehensive range of coordinated and inte9
grated health care services for low-income pa10
tient populations or medically underserved com11
munities (whether or not such individuals re12
ceive benefits under title XVIII, XIX, or XXI
13 of the Social Security Act, private or other
14 health insurance or are uninsured or under15
insured) and that complies with any applicable
16 minimum eligibility requirements that the Sec17
retary may determine appropriate.
19 network shall include the following providers
20 that serve the community (unless such provider
21 does not exist within the community, declines or
22 refuses to participate, or places unreasonable
23 conditions on their participation)—
‘‘(iv) A community clinic, including a
2 mental health clinic, substance abuse clin3
ic, or a reproductive health clinic.

In other words, if the Secretary of Health and Human Services decides to fund "community-based collaborative care networks" (whatever that means), the government MUST fund "reproductive health clinics," which is a fancy way of saying abortion facilities. They thought they could burry this on page 1441, but we found it!

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