Sunday, October 25, 2009

I went to a TEA Party in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, Ca.

I just got back from a TEA Party Express event in Griffith Park in the Los Angeles area. What is quite apparent is that the passion against the statism-collectivism-altruistic vision of the Obama Democrats is growing, and becoming stronger by the day.

It's rare to see a true citizens protest movement. Most people are too busy to get active in political debates. That's reasonable because in a free society, there are thousands of different pursuits that one can engage in. Now that our country is headed down a very dangerous course, one that could affect the very foundation of the country, regular citizens are becoming far more involved. It was truly a remarkable experience to see so many people at this event.

I saw people from every walk of life there. I heard an American who immigrated from Russia who said that she is getting involved because she does not want America to go down the path that Russia once went through. People who have experienced tyranny know the signs of its development.

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