Friday, March 12, 2010

Government-run health care and education are colossal failures.

Government-run health care and education are colossal failures. From my latest column on Associated Content...

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  1. Michael,

    You submitted a column to AC! Excellent work. This is much better than your work on your blog and you really put some work into it... Even some citations! I made some notes for you that might help your writing for AC a little better. I think this is really good, but you just need a little help completing some thoughts. Anyway, here we go!

    -The USPS has competition. If you feel otherwise, clarify your definition for monopoly.
    -how do UK incidents of hospital neglect compare to those in the US? How does nationalization affect hospital performance?
    -How do NHS claim denials compare to those of US private insurance companies?
    -Is it worse when NHS does a denial vs a US private insurance company? If so, why? You posit that it is "immoral" for governments to deny care... Is the same true of the private insurance companies? Why or why not?
    -If patients an doctors are fleeing the UK, how many and why? There are allusions, but no specific examples and no statistics. Is it widespread? Where do they go?
    -if the American education system is bad, how doesnit compare to other countries? Give statistics.
    -You have some statistics, but they are highly localized (LA). Is this a representative sample? How old are these numbers? There is also no
    comparison done with either the larger US or other countries.
    -You present objectivism as the solution, but don't go on to say how it solves some of the edge cases, like education for poor families, etc. Are these people left out? Why or why not? There is an imbalance of complaint vs. Construction here. If you intend to be constructive, give it more time and energy.

    I hope these notes are helpful. I'm looking forward to a more complete aricle.


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