Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Democrats have contempt for the American public.

It seems more and more apparent how much contempt Democrats have for the American people.  The American people said that they want less government spending, lower taxes, and want laws that improve American society, not trample on our liberties.  So what do Democrats do?  They hold the American people hostage by saying that if we want to maintain our current tax rates, we also must accept much higher levels of government spending.  That doesn't sound like an ideal system at all for the public.

Congress does not have enough time to consider the full ramifications of the START treaty, especially with regard to how it weakens our national defense.  Democrats don't care.  They want to pass it anyway.  In fact, they are happy about the fact that it harms our national defense.  The answer is simple:  They want to harm our national defense and they are not interested in doing anything to improve upon it.  This reflects their well-established ideology, and it is a permanent part of who they are.

Same for "don't ask, don't tell."  There isn't enough time to consider the harm this will do to American society.  Touch luck.  Democrats don't give a damn.  They like the fact that it will harm American society, and they are more than happy to pass it do exactly that. Shame on this party.  Let's hope that they will never get a majority of the vote again.


  1. The Marxist "Democrat" party hates America. The paragraph in the AP story today which said, "Later in the day, Democrats turned back Republican efforts to change the treaty, rejecting an amendment to add mention of rail-based launchers on a 63-32 vote and another to delay the treaty until U.S. military equipment confiscated during Russia's 2008 invasion of Georgia was returned. That measure failed, 61-32." has it right here. The Russians have many of their nukes on rail cars and they are mobile, ours are stationary and 30+ yrs old. Instead of calling each other Senator they should just cut to the chase and use the word, COMRADE!

  2. Thanks! That is a very good point!


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